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  • Lothar, The Czech National Library has casualty records for soldiers in WWI which are now on line. If you go to their site at http://kramerius.nkp.cz/kramerius/Welcome.do and put "Gnezda" into the search box, the names of numerous soldiers from Gnezda come up. There are several kinds of records. Some are for men killed, wounded or captured. Others are for those that were sick and...
    carl.kotlarchik@... Mar 12
  • Still busy with work, Lions Club meetings, etc. at this time of year but I wanted to let you all know that I have been having an offline conversation with Larry Kocik. Larry has apparently already researched a bit of my lineage, but did explain that it actually is not part of his family tree. I figured I would address it this way for now rather than babble on the Forum. I am...
    carl.kotlarchik@... Feb 9
  • Sam, We are all in agreement that the marriage records must be found to quantify the correct parents. Ray, you need to get the film and find all these marriage records. CK
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 28
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  • I'm confused Ray. You say: In particular, I would be interested in the birth date of Josef Hodorovszky - the biological father of Anna Mihalenke (b. 1860). I am guessing he was born around 1820. How did you determine that Josef Hodorovszky was the biological father of Anna Mihalenke? Has someone found Anna's marriage record? Why would Anna's name sometimes be Mihalenko and at other...
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 28
  • Karen, Here is another baptism record from Csontsofalva which may be a better fit for your Katalin. It has the correct year. Name: Katalin Szepesz Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 14 Oct 1888 Event Place: Všechsvätých, Košice, Slovakia Gender: Female Father's Name: Mihály Szepesz Mother's Name: Katalin Hudák Carl
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 25
  • Karen, Mel may have found the correct baptism record for your Catarina. Here is the Ellis Island record for a Kata Szepesi. It says she was from Csontsofalva which is where Mel found the baptism record CK Name: Kata Szepesi Arrival Date: 24 Jul 1906 Birth Date: abt 1888 Age: 18...
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 24
  • Karen Chorba Today at 4:37 PM Hi to all! I have been watching the notifications here regarding Sepas, Austria. My husband's maternal grandmother was Catarina (Katie) Sepisi. According to her marriage certificate she was born in Kojeci, Czechoslovakia. However I have not been able to find any indication of a Kojeci I did, however, wonder (for quite some time, actually) whether her...
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 22
  • Karen, You really shouldn't hijack someone's posting with a new topic. So, I have created a new topic for your inquire. Changing the topic prevents searches of your topic and obfuscates the original posting which is unfair to that person. I am sure that the group will help you with your inquire. But please keep it as a new topic. CK Moderator for Slovak Roots
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 22
  • Well, it all seems to be coming together wonderfully. The only thing that appears to be missing is.........Ray. Hopefully, he shows up soon or we run the risk of this becoming the longest thread in SR's history. But I'm sure that he will be excited by the findings. Thanks to everyone who helped on this topic. CK Moderator for SR (one of 3)
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 22
  • Just to be clear, Jaklovce was in Szepes county when it was part of Hungary. CK
    carl.kotlarchik@... Jan 22