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  • Can anyone read and, perhaps, translate the occupation of the father (Johan Dinda) It is hauslos or hausler. German = a cottager or landless laborer. CurtB
    curt67boc@... Feb 2
  • The -ova ending for women's names is not found in early church records or elsewhere because it did not come into use until the twentieth century after the formation of Czecho-Slovakia. It came into use because it copied the usage in Czech language. It was not formalized until 1952. See professor Votruba's essay on language issues on his Slovak Studies web site. So Slovak women who...
    curt67boc@... Dec 16, 2014
  • Can anyone tell me what is written under his name? It is just his village status. Inquilinus - he is a lodger, not an owner of land. Perhaps he was not born in the village. Curt B.
    curt67boc@... Oct 2, 2014
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  • BUT the names of the "parents" of the bride do not match. <<< actually they do match. THe column with the "other" names are the witnesses to the marriage. Her parents are listed in the same column with her name Eva Solovic dcera (daughter of) ?? [first name obscured by the margin] Solovic... CurtB
    curt67boc@... Sep 28, 2014
  • Is it possible that the earlier records were with the Julian Calendarr and the later U.S. dates were Gregorian? No. It is the other way around. European countries were the first to adopt the Gregorian Calendar, The U.S. (American Colonies somewhat later in the 18th century) So the variation we find is just bad memory, the non importance of birth dates for pre 20th century people...
    curt67boc@... Sep 24, 2014
  • Roger, I just completed an upload of a file to Slovak Roots, which I had incorrectly attached to an email. Any help on what you may think is the name of the diocese would be helpful.. It reads "Scepusiensi" . It is the Latin name for the Diocese of Spiš. CurtB
    curt67boc@... Aug 21, 2014
  • Roger, you said My ancestors have on their Baptism records for 1894, 1907, and 1909 in Zubro= hlava, Namestovo, Slovakia the name St, Peter & Paul. I have searched the RC= churches in the area on the Internet and come up empty handed. I assume it m= ay no longer exist and where would the church records be located The roman catholic records are online on family search and can be...
    curt67boc@... Aug 19, 2014
  • Michael, You said "It makes no sense that Martin Stepanovic’s name would be in the “Parents” box for her marriage to Harustak". Well, it does make sense. It is really not in a parent box. It is in her box. It is very common in marriage registers to identify a woman who is a widow by her previous husband's name. Sometimes it will also add her parents and her maiden name, but...
    curt67boc@... Jul 28, 2014
  • cortbrain, you said, It all fits. If anyone can read what it says under her name in the Anna-Harustak marriage, I would be curious to know. Would it list her dead husband's name? " ovdovdy volnik" is what I transcribed (but the link is above for you to make a better guess). It is the word "rolnik" not volnik. It means a farmer. It says the is the widow of Martin Stepanovic the...
    curt67boc@... Jul 28, 2014
  • Eileen, This is one of those cases where the writer is listing the symptoms and not a specific disease. It means very painful throat. It could be the flu, strept throat, or if it is listed as a cause (symptom) in the death of many people, it is more likely scarlet fever. There were many epidemics of scarlet fever in Central Europe in the nineteenth century. CurtB I have been...
    curt67boc@... Jul 26, 2014