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Re: [S-R] Surname opinions wanted

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  • Frank
    ... Was this motif also of Turkish origin ? Incidentally, pomegranate medalions appeared on Turkish battle flags which were made of silk. In 16th c the Ottoman
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2004
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Armata, Joseph R. (JArmata)" <JArmata@g...> wrote:
      > My guess is it ultimately derives from the pomegranate connection.
      > Even though the fruit wasn't native to the area, it was a Renaissance
      > decorative motif that became widely popularized all over Slovakia and
      > Hungary in the 18th/19th century.
      > Joe

      Was this motif also of Turkish origin ?
      Incidentally, pomegranate medalions appeared on Turkish battle flags which were made of silk.
      In 16th c the Ottoman Empire had expanded into Hungary including territory in what is now
      eastern Slovakia.
      By 17th c the Habsburgs had pushed the Ottomans back and established Austrian rule over

      Frank K
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      > Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 9:13 AM
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      > Subject: [S-R] Surname opinions wanted
      > I've been researching my maternal line surname Granatovic from
      > Trebisov.
      > My gggrandfather was Andras Granatovic.
      > My ggrandfather Josef and his two brothers changed the spelling
      > to Granatovich in the US. My guess is because of pronouncing
      > the ending 'c' as 'ch.
      > My grandfathers' generation changed the spelling to Grantonic.
      > I have several different theories on the meaning of Granatovic
      > and I'd like to rule out some of my guesses. I'd like some opinions
      > from the group. These are listed in my guess from highest to lowest
      > probability.
      > 1. It's a trade name related to someone who imported or sold
      > pomegranates
      > since granatovnik is Slovak/Czech for pomegranate. Dropping the 'nik'
      > and
      > adding the 'ic' seems to be a plausible progression into a surname.
      > 2. It's a trade name related to someone who traded or sold garnets
      > since
      > granat is German for garnet. Adding the suffix 'ovic' results in
      > Garnetson.
      > Although the German population in Czech/Slovakia region is small, it
      > is
      > still
      > a significant possibility.
      > 3. Similar scenerio as #2 but using an ethinic Russian origin since
      > granat
      > means
      > pomegrante in Russian. But this case adding the 'ovic' the name would
      > mean
      > 'son of pomegranate' I've found the Granatovich surname in Russia.
      > 4. Similar scenerio as #3 but Belarus or Ukranian origin. (I don't
      > know the translation for these languages) I do see the Granat and
      > Granatovich
      > surname in searches in each country.
      > 5. It's a patronymic name corrupted by a double translation error when
      > converting
      > th given name Hranich to cryllic and back. Grana is the Russian
      > translation
      > of Hranich.
      > 6. It's a descriptive name loosely related to the reddish color of
      > garnets
      > or pomegranates.
      > Any insight is greatly appreciated.
      > Dan
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