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Re: [S-R] Intro to S-R

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  • John M,
    ... Hello Mike and welcome. My mother (b.1895) was from the village of Kriz^e, which is just south of Bogliarka by about two miles.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2004
      At 10:21 AM 2/16/2004 -0500, you wrote:
      >Good morning listers,
      >My introduction as new member of SLOVAK-ROOTS.
      >I am researching my wife's Slovak families, BILLY and MEDVETZ [the
      >White-Bear family]
      >Her grandparents, Stephen Jan BILLY and Elizabeth Verna MEDVETZ, were
      >married in Cleveland, Ohio, in March 1917. Steve was born 31 Oct 1894 in
      >Bogliarka, Bardejov Dist., Slovakia [Rodny List]. He sailed, as a steerage
      >passenger, from Trieste, Italy (now, then?), aboard the ship S.S. Alice on
      >12 Apr 1912, and arrived in New York City on 2 May 1912; At Ellis Island
      >search site << http://www.ellisisland.org/ >>, he is listed as Istman
      >Bily, residence: Boglarka, Hungary, arrived: 1912, age: 18. From the
      >ship's manifest I learned that his father was Janus Bily, he was born and
      >lived in Bogliarka, he had $14 with him, and he was headed to cousin Karol
      >Bily's home in Empire, Ohio [I haven't found any info on cousin Karol, yet].

      Hello Mike and welcome. My mother (b.1895) was from the village of Kriz^e,
      which is just south of Bogliarka by about two miles.


      She emigrated from Kriz^e with her daughter in the early 20's. Her first
      husband died on the Polish front in WWI. She initially went to PA to an
      aunt but a couple of years later married my father. She moved to Stratton,
      OH which is adjacent to Empire, OH on the Ohio River. There were several
      families from the villages around Bogliarka that moved to the Toronto,
      Empire, Stratton Ohio area. In the mid 20's my family moved to Cleveland.

      I noticed on the EIDB that there were about three Karoly Bily from Hertnek
      shown arriving in the 1905-1907 time frame. There is a possibility that
      one of them could be Steve's cousin. One may have eventually moved to
      Empire, OH. Hertnik (Hertnek 1863-1913) is southeast of Bogliarka and
      Krize by about four or five miles as the crow flies.

      >Steve was naturalized 30 Mar 1923, Court of Common Pleas, Guernsey Co.,
      >Cambridge, Ohio. He was a coal miner, spent most of his life in Guernsey
      >County, Ohio, and died there in Jan 1971. Steve's father was Jan BILLI (b.
      >ca. 1863- d. ?) and his mother was Maria STEFANOVA (b. 1870 in Hervartov,
      >Bardejov Dist., Slovakia - d. ?) [Rodny List].

      Hervartov is in the same general area to the southeast of Bogliarka and
      the northeast of Hertnik. All the towns are within a few mile radius of
      each other.

      John M.
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