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[S-R] Re: Perz as a family name.

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  • Frank
    ... Austria. ... 1868 in ... born. I ... the last ... Carol Verstehen Sie deutsch ? Do you understand German ? Both surnames PERZ and SAMIDE(SAMIDA) were from
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2004
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "carole wilson" <coramund@h...>
      > My Grandfather's name was Joseph, He was born Feb. 17 1869 in
      > Tienfenreighter, Austria. I can not find this town on any maps of
      > My Grandmother's name was Magdalena Samide. She was born Aug. 25
      1868 in
      > Schanckdorfor or Schalkendorf.
      > I can't tell you very much else as they died long before I was
      born. I
      > would appreciate any help any one can give me on the towns. Also
      the last
      > name Samide.
      > Sincerely,

      Verstehen Sie deutsch ?
      Do you understand German ?

      Both surnames PERZ and SAMIDE(SAMIDA) were from Gottschee, Krain,
      Austria, formerly Austro-Hungarian Empire.

      Your village of Tienfenreighter was Tiefenreuter (HG),
      Trindabitz (GOTT) ,Trnovec (SL)

      Schalkendorf was Schalkendorf (HG),Schaokndoarf (Schaokndaf)(GOTT),
      Salka vas (SL)

      Gottscheer Villages URL


      Gottscheers are descendants of the people who lived in the
      German-speaking district of Gottschee
      in the Austrian Duchy of Carniola (Krain), which was part of the
      Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918 when the Empire was dissolved
      following World War I. From 1918 until 1991, Gottschee was
      part of the northernmost Yugoslav Repulic of Slovenia. Since 1991,
      Slovenia has been an independent country.
      Today, Gottschee is a city and district in Slovenia and is known by
      Slovene name: Koc^evje.


      Surname Query Page URL


      Also join the Gottschee-L Mailing List.

      Viel Gl├╝ck !
      Good Luck !

      Frank K
      > >From: "Frank" <frankur@w...>
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      > >Subject: [S-R] Re: Perz as a family name.
      > >Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 13:21:48 -0000
      > >
      > >--- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "coramund" <coramund@h...>
      > > > Has anyone heard of this name or known anyone with it. It was
      > > > father's father's last name when he came to the U.S., but when
      > > > arrived in Chicago, the public schools changed it to Bertz.
      > > >
      > > > sincerely,
      > >
      > >What language did your GF speak if he had emigrated to the US ?
      > >What was his first name ? What year ?
      > >
      > >Probably 450-650 surname Perz bearers just in the USA.
      > >Ellis Island Records list 202 surnames Perz from Spain, Cuba,
      > >Poland,
      > >Germany , Austria (Gottschee), Turkey, Yugoslavia, etc.
      > >
      > >RootsWeb's gedcom files list 262 surnames Perz.
      > >A Perz born in IL in 1892 was a steel mill worker in Chicago IL in
      > >
      > >Frank K
      > >
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