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Re: [S-R] From Maura!!

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  • Susan Friedhaber-Hard
    I apologize to everyone on the list. I thought my email would only go to Maura when I hit Reply to Sender and not Reply to Everyone. The message is only
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 21, 2004
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      I apologize to everyone on the list. I thought my email would only go to Maura when I hit "Reply to Sender" and not "Reply to Everyone." The message is only for Maura.
      Susan Friedhaber-Hard

      mpetzolt <maurasminis@...> wrote:
      Hi list!

      Well, I am back online with a new email address (may be temporary one
      but use it for now if you need to contact me).

      Short version of a long story... I had knee surgery on Oct 23 which
      went badly ... it was for torn cartilage and meniscus, and it's been
      total agony. I have difficulty walking still, using a walker at
      times, and driving or getting around is difficult. Then I get home
      from hospital to find out my webtv account is temporarily lost, so I
      have to use the computers at the FHC when I can get there.

      I have fixed this for now with the list, and if you need me, use this
      email address. I am hoping everyone who put in a request to join
      will send in another request , I just sent over 100 messages to those
      who had requested and who I did not deal with while I was ill.

      Anyway... I have done some research on my lines while I was ill, and
      will be reading some films here in a minute.

      Just wanted you all to know why I've not been heard from, and that
      I -did- think of the list, but it was a chore to just get out of bed
      and let the dogs out twice a day, much less get to a computer and
      deal with all this :(

      Hope you have all been well, and that things here have been ok during
      my absence.


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