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Dlhe' nad'Cirochou and Lel'ko Surname... was RE: [S-R] Photos from Slovakia & Ukraine

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  • Frank R. Plichta
    Maureen, Thank you for sharing the photos of your recent trip. My maternal side of the family is from Dlhe nad Cirochou and I have visited the village on two
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2003

      Thank you for sharing the photos of your recent trip.

      My maternal side of the family is from Dlhe' nad' Cirochou and I have
      visited the village on two occasions (1984 and 1996) meeting my more than
      100 living relatives that still reside there. Dlhe' is so small that there
      might be some relationship here.

      As I looked at the photos I noticed several items:

      1. In one of the cemetery pictures for "remembrance day" I feel certain
      that I see one of my cousins standing among the people in the cemetery.
      Jozef Kova'c, a maternal cousin.

      2. You also have a photo of Jozef Lelko. My maternal grandmother was a
      Lel'ko and I can provide the following information to see if we might be
      related. The spellings used are as they appear on the archived records.
      I. Mihaly Lyelyko (Lelyko) b. About 1834 in Dlhe', m. 30 April 1860 to
      Erzsabet Pigza b. 21 Oct 1834 in Dlhe', daughter of Andreas Pigza, b. 1791,
      m. 21 Nov 1831 to Elisabetha Janovtsiko Rajnytsko, b. 1793.
      II. Gyorgy Lelyko b. 18 Feb 1869 in Dlhe', d. before 1957 married to Maria
      Krisjanszki (Krivjanska) b. May 1871 in Dlhe', d. 4 Sep 1957.
      IIIa. Maria Elizabeth Lel'ko b. 29 Jul 1896 in Dlhe', d. 23 Dec 1976 in
      Pittsburgh, PA, married 20 Oct 1913 in Catasaugua, PA to Ja'nos Toma's b. 14
      April 1891 in Dlhe', d. 19 May 1965 in Pittsburgh, PA.
      IV. Mary Tomas (Thomas) b. 31 May 1921 in Pittsburgh, PA, d. 6 April 2003 in
      Newport News, VA, married 7 Sep 1940 in Pittsburgh, PA to Frank Plichta b,
      29 Jun 1917 in Kosicka' Bela', d. 7 Apr 1987 in Ft. Eustis, VA.
      V. Frank R. Plichta b. 1941 in Pittsburgh, PA. (This is me.)
      IIIb. Alzbeta Lel'ko b. 13 May 1901 in Bethlehem, PA, d. 30 Jun 1980 in
      Dlhe', married 18 Jan 1921 in Dlhe' to Jan Kova'c b. 23 Aug 1895 in Dlhe',
      d. 6 Nov 1978 in Dlhe'

      3. The photos you have of the two churches, St. Anna RC Church and Sts.
      Joachim & Anna RC Church were also of interest because one of my maternal
      cousins is the caretaker of the Churches, Margita Kova'cova Piskanova (at
      least she was in 1996 during my last trip.) That could be her bicycle you
      labeled as a "workman's bike". Her oldest son, Jozef Piskanin b. 1960 is
      married (1984) to Jana Gazdova b. 1965. You also show a tombstone for Maria

      My next trip is planned for August 2004 when I hope to enroll in the
      three-weeks intensive Slovak Language course offered by the University in
      Kosice. I expect to return to Dlhe' once the classes are over. There are
      undoubtedly another dozen or two of new cousins to add to the family tree.

      My paternal interests are in Kosicka Bela' since my dad was born there in

      Frank R. Plichta
      "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"
      "Ja hl'adam Plichtovi na celom Svete."
      "Ja hledam Plichtovi na celem Svete."
      "Szukanie PLICHTow na calym swiecie."
      "Das die Welt fuer PLICHTA suchen."
      "Je cherche le monde pour la famille PLICHTA."
      "Buscando el mundo por los PLICHTA."
      "Quaerere summa reum familia PLICHTA."
      I would appreciate receiving ANY information, about ANY Plichta, from ANY
      place, at ANY time in history.

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      Hello All,

      We are home from a wonderful trip! And, I have finally finished processing
      and uploading the photos. Those of you who know the cities and villages well
      may spot an error or two in my captions. (I did as well as memory would
      serve!) If you do note errors, I would really appreciate an email to set me


      The galleries are accessible through www.deefalt.com - click on "the 2003

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