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Re: [S-R] Translation Help

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Here is the translation: I apologize for very bad english, I made the translations with the help of the software. Dear Mrs.Christie! This week I received a
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 10, 2003
      Here is the translation:

      "I apologize for very bad english, I made the translations with the help of
      the software.
      Dear Mrs.Christie!
      This week I received a letter from you, where you write, that we maybe are
      distant relatives and in the letter you wrote also further 5 addresses from
      Slovakia. It is indeed possible, that we are distant relatives, but the
      communist regime in former Czechoslovakia did not allow any contacts.
      According to my father we had relatives in USA, in several States, he
      mentioned Virginia and Indiana.
      I am Miroslav Vikartov Vikartovsky (1953), I live in Bratislava. My father
      Frantisek Vikartovsky was born in Smizany. A part of his life he lived with
      his parents in Poprad. His mother was Anna Vikartovska ( Markovicova),
      father Jozef Vikartovsky (or Stefan) died about 10 years before I was born.
      Father Frantisek died in 1990, his mother Anna died in 1972. There was also
      a Henrieta Vikartovska, who lived in Bratislava, who died in 1987.
      From this branch of the family, I am the only adult, living with the surname
      Vikartovsky. In your letter you are mentioning several names from Slovakia,
      but I do not know any of them and I do not know, whether we are related. Our
      family moved to Bratislava in 1947, and they are from the East of Slovakia.
      If you will have interest for more info about the family, I will have to
      find it in offices.
      In this letter so much for now, regards to all living Vikartovskys in the
      USA. Miroslav"
      End of translation.
      My comment:
      If you want to find relatives, then you must bear in mind, that these
      relatives may have resulted as descendants of siblings of those, who
      emigrated to US. This is too far for the living ones to know, so you must
      research your family, either siblings of your known ancestors who emigrated
      or siblings of their parents, which means one generation back. This research
      has to be made so, that you have identifiable persons, who were born after
      1900, and thus can be remembered by somebody living now here.
      The only thing you can ask somebody here and expect a positive answer is,
      who were his grandparents.
      If the names fit into what you have found with your research, then you have
      a relative.
      Vladimir Bohinc

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      Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 5:04 PM
      Subject: [S-R] Translation Help

      > I have a translation-request from a friend of mine who recently received
      something she could not understand, nor can I.
      > I hope someone here can assist.
      > Thanks, in advance.
      > The message follows:
      > Ospravedlnujem sa za velmi zlu anglictinu, preklad zo slovenciny som robil
      pomocou softwar.
      > Vazena pani Christie!
      > Tento tyzden som dostal od vas list, v ktorom pisete, ze sme mozno
      vzdialena rodina a v liste ste napisali aj na dalsich 5 adries na Slovensku.
      Je naozaj mozne, ze sme vzdialena rodina, ale komunisticky rezim v byvalom
      Ceskoslovensku neumoznil ziadne nase kontakty. Podla mojho otca sme mali
      rodinu v USA a to vo viacerych statoch USA, spominal stat Virginia a
      > Ja som Miroslav Vikartovsky (1953), zijem v Bratislave.
      Moj otec Frantisek Vikartovsky sa narodil v Smizanoch. Cast svojho zivota
      zil s rodicmi v Poprade. Jeho matkou bola Anna Vikartovska (Markovicova),
      otec Jozef Vikartovsky (alebo Stefan) zomrel asi 10 rokov pre mojim
      narodenim. Otec Frantisek zomrel v roku 1990, jeho matka Anna v roku 1972. V
      Bratislave zila este Henrieta Vikartovska, ktora zomrela v roku 1987.
      > Z tejto vetvy rodiny som jediny dospely zijuci s menom
      Vikartovsky. V liste spominate viac mien zo Slovenska, ale ani jedneho z
      nich nepoznam a neviem, ci sme rodina. Nasa rodina sa v roku 1947
      odstahovala do Bratislavy a oni su z vychodneho Slovenska. Ak budete mat
      zaujem o dalsie informacie o rodine, budem ich musiet zohnat na uradoch.
      > V tomto liste zatial tolko, pozdravujem vsetkych zijucich
      Vikartovsky v USA. Miroslav
      > Steve Brickse
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