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  • June Mckee
    Frank , Bill and Richard, thanks for the information on the Tsar. I was talking to my mother and we think that it could have been my g-grandmothers brother
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 10, 2003
      Frank , Bill and Richard, thanks for the information on the Tsar.
      I was talking to my mother and we think that it could have been my g-grandmothers brother that was a bishop. I don't know which diocese it would have been other than my g-grandmother was born in Kazan and my grandmother was born in Samara. They emmigrated to the westcoast in about 1908 but her sibblings never came with her. She had several pictures of priests and Bishops, which my mother still has but no names of who they are. I am not sure how to find out exactly where this would have taken place in Russia. My grandmother and her mother always attended the Russian Orthodox Church in San Francisco. My g-grandmother was born about 1866 but I don't know anything about her sibblings.

      I really appreciate all of the information and sites that has been given , I find it very interesting reading and have learned so much with all of the help that so many given from this list.

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      > Frank, you give so much helpful information on history that I
      know everyone enjoys. I was just curious if you knew much about
      Tsar Nicholas II ? I know pretty much of the history but was curious
      how to find out who his bishops were? My g-grandfather I beleive
      was one of his bishops but I am not sure as of yet what his name was.
      I only know what my mother has told me and that is not much
      except it was her grandfather. I wasnt aware that he had bishops?
      > thanks,
      > June

      Nicholas II of Russia (1868-1918)
      Tsar of Russia (1894-1917)

      Nicholas II, son of Czar Alexander III,
      as born in the year of 1868. As a child
      he was educated by Pobyedonostev, the
      lay head of the Russian Orthodox
      Church. In 1894, he took on the role of
      czar after his father's death. Nicholas II
      wanted to keep the same autocratic rule
      that his father had, and that was the
      basis of his reign as czar.

      If your g-GF had been a Russian Orthodox bishop there
      is about a 20 year period during which this could have

      More important, he was a Bishop of what and where ?
      And Bishop of what Diocese then, not today ?
      Believe Russian Orthodox priests were given a choice of marriage
      or celibacy ?


      Bishops and Dioceses



      Frank K

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