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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    I found this: Szolyva (Szolyva-Nagy-Bisztra), kisközség Bereg vármegye szolyvai j.-ban, (1891) 1836 rutén és német lak.; a járási szolgabirói hivatal
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2003
      I found this:


      (Szolyva-Nagy-Bisztra), kisközség Bereg vármegye szolyvai j.-ban, (1891)
      1836 rutén és német lak.; a járási szolgabirói hivatal széke, vasúttal,
      posta- és táviróhivatallal és postatakarékpénztárral. A község közelében
      bovizü hideg érvényes savanyuforrás fakad, mely szakszerüen kezelve kellemes
      üdíto ital gyanánt kerül forgalomba, de nagy szénsav- és sziksótartalma
      miatt emészto szervek és lélekzo szervek hurutjainál és köszvénynél itt jó
      sikerrel használják. A forrástelep tulajdonosa Schönborn Ervin gróf.


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      > Hello,
      > A while back (late August ) I posted a question on Szuszko for my great
      grandparents surnames TIKAL and STRAUSS:
      > I was just wondering if I have enough information to try to locate records
      in TWISFARA or not and what language would I have to write in?
      > I thought I had found my great grandfather JOSEPH TIKAL in the Ellis
      Island database.
      > Place of residence To..fahan Date of arrival November 16, 1904 Age 18y
      Ship Ryndam Port of Departure Rotterdam
      > I sent for his naturalization paper at the IRAD in Chicago, from the
      Superior Court of Cook County
      > On his Declartion he says he was born in Szolyva Austria April 18,1885 ,
      emigrated from Rotterdam Holland on the vessel Rotterdam, November 17,1905,
      last foreign residence was Twisfara Austria
      > Petition for Naturalization
      > says he was born April 18, 1884 in Twisfara Hungary, emigrated from
      Rotterdam Holland on the vessel Rotterdam, arrived in New York on November
      > His wife was born in Suszko Hungary. Became citizens November 17, 1916
      > On the ship records from Ellis Island he was traveling with a buddy from
      > His death certificate states he was born April 3, 1884 Birthplace of
      parents was listed as Austria Hungary
      > When my great grandmother applied for her ss# she said she was born in
      Vienna, Austria
      > Census records state they were from Hungary and spoke Bohemian. Family
      Bible says they both left from the port in Rotterdam, but doesn't list ships
      > They were not married in a church, but I haven't check for baptismal
      > I was checking for towns close together as they were supposed to have met
      4 towns away from each other in Austria Hungary. Twisfara is 56.3 miles SSW
      of Belgrade and Suszko (Suseoka) is 45.8 miles SSW of Belgrade.
      > I also thought I had found my great grand mother in the Ellis Island data
      > STRAUS, Helena
      > Hungary, Germany
      > Szuszkofalu, Hungary
      > August 28 1911
      > If you take out the first z you have the shortened version of Suszko.
      > Any input would be graetfully appreciated.
      > Thank you
      > Marcia
      > Well, I found out that oral history was in error and that there were
      records in the Archdiocese of Chicago of a wedding on June 22, 1912 but I
      didn't realize that the cost for a genealogical certificate went up to $20
      so I had not sent enough money, but they were very nice an sent a letter
      with the following information:
      > Joseph Tikal baptism was April of 1885, Tevischvalva South Hungary ( but
      no hits on the
      > ShtetlSeeker) so I think it is probably spelled wrong.
      > Helen Strauss baptism was May of 1891 Neudorf, South Hungary (many hits on
      the Shtetl Seeker)
      > They say some of the names appear in Latin.
      > I haven't received tapes from LDS yet from Saint Nicholas Church in
      > I was sort of leaning away form Vienna but now I think I might be around
      that area again.
      > Any information is gratefully appreciated, as I seem to be going around in
      > Thank you very much
      > Sincerely,
      > Marcia Kettering
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