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Re: Zupancic Supancic family link.

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  • Frank
    ... Francis ... Somehow ... Do you understand z^ivijo or zdravo ? (Hello) Some who seek Slovenija (Slovenia) think it is the the same country as Slovakia
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "jjs72" <dj2000co@e...> wrote:
      > I am lookin to find siblings of my Great Grand Father, "Louis
      > Zupancic". I got three names from my Great Aunt. Leopold, Franc, and
      > Filomina, whom stayed near Ljublanja, Northern Yugoslavia. The two
      > others guys were brothers, of GG father. There were a total of 9
      > siblings in his family.
      > My great grandfather married Mary Katherine "Spruk" Zupancic.
      > there is relation to a FLoyd Supancic, from Kansas.
      > If this rings close to anyone knowledge of zupancic's or supancic's.
      > Send me an email. Thanks Jon Short Colorado

      Do you understand z^ivijo or zdravo ?

      Some who seek Slovenija (Slovenia) think it is the the same country as
      Slovakia (Slovensko)

      The Cleveland, OH area had the largest concentration of Slovenes
      outside of the capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

      Before WWI, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy had stretched from Austria
      to Montenegro in the Balkans.

      Following the First World War, new borders for Austro-Hungarian
      Monarchy were set by the Treaties of Saint Germain-en-Laye (September
      10, 1919) and Trianon (June 4, 1920)

      As a result, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was utterly transformed
      into much smaller territories and new countries.

      Hungary became an entirely separate nation, but lost large portions
      of its territories as well, retaining only core Hungarian-speaking
      Retained were West and Central Hungary plus a small western portion
      of the Banat, the northern portion of the Batschka, the Central
      Hungarian Highlands, and the northern portion of Swabian Turkey.

      A new country of Yugoslavia was also formed including the former
      Austro-Hungarian lands of the southern portion of the Banat, the
      southern portion of the Batschka, Bosnia-Hercegovina, the southern
      portion of the duchy of Carinthia (Slovenia), most of the of duchy
      of Carniola, Croatia-Slavonia, the kingdom of Dalmatia, the southern
      portion of Swabian Turkey, the southern portion of duchy of Styria,
      and Syrmia.

      The Kingdom of Serbs,Croats and Slovenes was established on
      Dec. 1, 1918 and was renamed Yugoslavia on Oct. 4, 1929.

      The six republics that formed the former Yugoslavia were : Bosnia
      and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Serbia.

      Slovak is similar to Czech and the official language of Slovakia.
      There are three major groups of dialects.
      Spoken by 5.6 million people.

      Ako sa maté ? (How are you ?)
      Rozumiem. (I understand )

      Slovenian is similar to Croatian and Serbian and the official
      language of the Republic of Slovenia , formerly part of Yugoslavia.
      Total about 2.2 million speakers (2 million are in Slovenia)

      Kako ste ? (How are you ?)
      Razumen. (I understand )

      456 surnames Zupancic emigrated via Ellis Island (NYC) 1892-1924.

      Lewis/Louis = Ludovik and Francis/Frank = Franc in Slovene.

      In 1921, a Louis Zupancic, age 17, Slovenian, emigrated to the
      US. He went to his father Mihály (Michael) Zupancic in Forest City PA.
      Louis was born in Prezganje, Slovenia which is located 10 miles
      distant from Ljubljana.

      With such a large clan of Zupancic (456) what other information
      do you have about your surnames ?

      Send you information to exactly what email address ?

      So send me a direct message to my email address :

      Frank Kurcina

      Ferenc (H)
      Frantis^ek (Sk)
      Franjo (Cr)
      Franc (Sl)
      Franz (G)
      Francisco (Sp)
      Francesco (I)
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