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Re: new york marriage for Kolina

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  • Frank
    ... with my grandfather Kolina. ... children that they had. I know that my grandmother came in also at EI and that they lived all their life in Manhattan till
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "June Mckee" <junemckee@y...>
      > Does anyone have any suggestions, I keep running into block walls
      with my grandfather Kolina.
      > I know about when my grandparents were married because of the
      children that they had. I know that my grandmother came in also at EI
      and that they lived all their life in Manhattan till they died. what
      my problem is, is that I am now for two years trying to find out for
      sure what villiages they came from. I have ideas but that is all it
      is, is ideas from what family members had told me. I sent off to the
      municipal archives for them to do a search for their marriage lisence,
      and it came back with nothing. I decided to look for myself so I can
      look at all of the different spellings of Kolina and ordered film
      #1543903 at the FHL for new york city index to marriages in all
      boroughs for the years 1910-1913. I found a Joseph Kolena which all
      the information given seemed to be my grandparents, of course there
      was no brides name so I couldnt be sure. I sent off for it and of
      course it is not them. I dont know where else to go to find the
      marriage records which I think is my best chance of pining down the
      villiages I am looking for. There are also good possibilities that
      they have been found on EI but I still dont know how to be sure that
      it is them. A Joseph Kulina seems to be my grandfather and a Maria
      Boldizsar could very well be my grandmother but I don't know how to
      find out for sure and what the next step would be.
      > I have also sent off numerous times for naturalization papers for my
      grandmother, knowing with in a couple of years when she was
      naturalized because my father remembers but nothing ever turns up. any
      suggestions on where I should go from here? I do seem to have a
      harder time whenever it requires a search in New York.
      > Thanks for your time
      > June


      Rus. R K O B , R K y 6, |/| A K O B, A K U B A

      Kolená means 'marrowbone' in Slovak.
      Kuliná refers to cooking.

      Kolena (Nová Bystrica) and Kulina (Malatiná, Orava) are both surnames
      found in Slovakia.

      The surname Kulina can also be from Russia (perhaps Poland ?)

      Surname Boldizar is also found in Slovakia (Vranov nad Topl'ou)
      (Its Hungarian spelling would be Bolizsár)

      There are probably other locations where surnames originate that I
      don't know about.

      You will have to decide which surname spellings to research,
      perhaps all of them at ther online Ellis Island Records (EIR)


      Frank K

      Kurca (koorcha) means 'chicken' in Slovak.

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