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Answers to a few questions

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    Hi everyone.... Here are some answers to some questions I have gotten privately, and thought everyone would like to know the answers.... 1. I have reset the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 1999
      Hi everyone....

      Here are some answers to some questions I have gotten privately, and
      thought everyone would like to know the answers....

      1. I have reset the list to "reply to list" as after I set it to reply
      to sender I got many emails asking to set it back to the list.
      Personally, I think that's better at this point anyway. We're all just
      going to have to pay attention to email privately if you don't think the
      whole list would benefit from the topic or discussion. If we get to be a
      really large list, this decision may be reconsidered.

      2. I cannot undo the prepend of [SLOVAK-ROOTS] to the list messages, nor
      can I shorten it. This is done automatically by onelist, and I have no
      say so in it. (By the way, at Rootsweb you can choose to prepend or not,
      but can't shorten it.... so its a lot of fun being on lists with long
      names like GERMAN-BOHEMIAN or something!) I tried to keep the name
      short, while still being descriptive. It was the best I could do.

      3. The description of the list is "locating information on ancestors of
      the former Austria-Hungary and/or the former Czechoslovakia" on the
      onelist site, and is slightly different on John Fullers site. I wanted
      to emphasize the SLOVAK aspect as for those researching in the Austria
      and Germany areas of the former A-H, the AUSTRIA and many German lists
      on Rootsweb are able to answer questions pretty well, but I personally
      never got much help on those lists. The emphasis on this list is on
      "Slovak" searching , which to me is mostly the areas of modern day
      Hungary and Czech and Slovak Republics. Possibly I did not express it
      well enough, but to me if you are searching in this area you'll know if
      this list applies to your ancestors or not. My relatives still refer to
      themselves as Slovak, no matter where the borders were. If anyone can
      suggest a better wording please feel free to make suggestions. List
      descriptions can be changed without too much difficulty.

      I think you will find I am always open to suggestions, my only really
      hard and fast rules are going to deal with the off-topic posts. I
      strongly feel that this list should be for genealogy only, but that it
      can still be a friendly and open place. My SHAMROCK list is very
      successful for these same reasons, there was no Irish genealogy list
      that specifically excluded those off topic posts.... and while we may
      have a problem once in awhile, its pretty problem free. Of course, with
      1300 people you're going to have problems no matter how hard you try!

      We're small right now, but I expect we will grow. FEEFHS is anxious to
      support us and help develop a website for us. A lot of people are on
      vacations now, and when people get back and find out about us we'll have
      others join.

      I always want you to feel that you can suggest things to me. I can't
      always promise we'll do them, and I realized long ago running genealogy
      lists that I am not going to always please everyone. But I can promise
      you that I will always do what is best for the list, and try and keep
      this a helpful and friendly place to search.

      Thanks for your continued help and cooperation.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
      Helpful Hints for Successful Searching
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