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[Admin] Virus Alerts - Please read

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    Dear fellow listmembers, Many of you may already know that there are several nasty viruses going around. These viruses are -not- going through Rootsweb or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 1999
      Dear fellow listmembers,

      Many of you may already know that there are several nasty viruses going
      around. These viruses are -not- going through Rootsweb or onelists lists
      as they are spread by attachments (which are not allowed and will not go
      through either mailing list system), however, it is possible that you
      may get an individual email sent to you which may have a -forged- email
      making it -seem- as if it's coming from a mailing list , or a
      listmember. One of the viruses going around apparently is set up to do
      just that, as well as to make it look as if it is an online Holiday
      Greeting Card.

      To safeguard your system against these, or any, viruses please remember
      the following --

      1. Never open ANY attachments sent to you unless you are expecting them
      from someone you know. The current attachments causing the problem end
      in .exe , so many are advising everyone not to open any attachments
      ending in that at -all- for the time being.

      2. Use an anti-virus program on your computer.

      3. This does not affect webtv users at all, as without a hard drive, we
      can't be infected (one good reason to use webtv for email!)

      For more information you can go to
      http://helpdesk.rootsweb.com/virus1.html and read the information there,
      and go to some of the other links on that page. There is also a mailing
      list for discussing viruses , you can subscribe to

      If you have any doubts at all, I strongly suggest you contact your isp
      and ask them what to do to protect yourself against any virus on the

      I would also like to remind people to check their systems and internal
      computer clocks to make sure their computers are Y2K ready, if not it is
      possible your system may refuse mail to you after Jan 1 and you may get
      bounced from lists. If you do not receive mail from a list for a period
      of time (depending on how busy the list usually is) contact the
      listowner to see if you are still subscribed. Most phone companies are
      suggesting people NOT make phone calls or be on line right around
      midnight so as not to flood their systems, however, I will be around to
      handle any problems on any of my lists as soon as possible after
      midnight. I am sure everything will be fine.

      Thank you for your cooperation on this -- and I wish each of you a Happy
      Holiday Season with your families. Many thanks to all of you who sent
      prayers and warm wishes to me during my illness and surgery this year,
      from which I am happy to say I am nearly fully recovered. Here's hoping
      we all have great success in finding our elusive ancestors in the year

      Maura Petzolt
      Mobile AL USA

      Maura mpetzolt2@...
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