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Re: Cibinium

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  • Andy Verostko
    Maura - Cibinium appears  more like a Latin Name and most all larger towns had a Latin name along with their Hungarian, German and Slovak names.  Cominius or
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 28, 1999
      Maura - Cibinium appears� more like a Latin Name and most
      all larger towns had a Latin name along with their Hungarian,
      German and Slovak names.� Cominius or something like that
      was the Latin name for Kosice.

      >: Al Stoffa� wrote:
      >I have a couple of other names for Sabinov in that time frame. Try
      >Cibinium, Kis-Szeben, Zeben, Sabinow and Sebinow.

      I would think that Szeben or Kis-Szeben are most likely the names
      you want.

      By the way Al, did that cross reference project ever get completed?


      Andy Verostko



      Researching Slovakia for:
      ����������� "Vyrostko" from Baska and Polov, Abov province
      ����������� "Kolesar" from Nizny and Vysny Klatov, Abov Province
      ����������� "Balcik & Urban" from Kavecany, Saris Province
      ����������� "Lesko & Rybar" from Smilno, Saris Province
      ����������� "Rusnak" from Dvorce & Levoca, Spis Province
      ����������� "Pscelar" from Hincovce & Levoca, Spis Province.

      Maura Petzolt wrote:

      > From: sabinov@... (Maura Petzolt)
      > Oh! {picture lightbulb going on over my head!}
      > Yes, it has to be Cibinium for Sabinov, that word rang a bell and I
      > remembered seeing it all the time in the Sabinov church records... so I
      > got them out and sure enough
      > in a birth record of June 26, 1837 of my gr/gr/gr/grandmother Maria to
      > Mathias MAZALIK and Susana LESKO its listed as Cibinium..... I didnt'
      > know what that was, its listed often and I thought it had something to
      > do with the church as I could never find it in a dictionary.
      > However, I just spent some time at http://www.familysearch.org searching
      > the FHC catalog online (go to Browse , and then choose Libraries) and
      > there were no matches for Cibinium either.... :(
      > Anyone know what Kis-Saros is later on, as that seems to be the closest?
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