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Re: [S-R] Major Mormon FHL Website Update, Aug. 2003

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  • christopher gajda
    I m new to the group and don t know how to send this to everyone, so i m just seding to you in the hopes of you passing it on: i need help with the translation
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2003
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      I'm new to the group and don't know how to send this
      to everyone, so i'm just seding to you in the hopes of
      you passing it on: i need help with the translation of
      the following -
      "totyi iz lyivaha boku dvoj toszuty Verusenuj noj
      molotcsuj gyivke a zs pravo ha boku chlopicz i gyivcsa
      to verusenaha szena gyite"
      thanks for any help
      --- Bill Tarkulich <bill@...> wrote:
      > Useful news for researchers:
      > As reported by avotaynu.com, the Mormon's have made
      > a major update to
      > their online FHL (Family History Library) Catalog.
      > Firstly, they have updated their online catalog so
      > that it is now
      > current. Previously the online catalog had been as
      > much as 18 months out
      > of date.
      > Secondly, they have added a "keyword search"
      > feature. In my early
      > experimentation, I have found this to be quite
      > useful. It allows the
      > searcher to locate words located anywhere in the
      > index, not just limited
      > to title, place name, surname or subject.
      > Many times the village name we seek is buried in the
      > film description
      > and is not findable using the FHL tools. For our
      > region, the Magyar
      > census in particular had been a big problem since it
      > was not indexed by
      > village. For this reason John Adam and myself had
      > created independent
      > census indices for finding villages.
      > Now, if you enter a village name (for example) into
      > a keyword search, it
      > appears to find all entries that reference this
      > village (or any term).
      > Using the village of "ZBOJ" as an example, not only
      > are the church
      > records listed, but all census references as well.
      > (In the past, it only
      > identified the church records.) You may still have
      > to scroll through
      > several film titles to find the specific one (census
      > records in
      > particular are reknown for having hundreds of films
      > beneath one title),
      > but you will now have some confidence that a
      > reference to the keyword of
      > interest is cited somewhere in the title holdings.
      > Of course, your mileage will vary, as not all
      > villages have census or
      > church records on file.
      > Anyways, it's a tool that can make your FHL search
      > much easier and
      > provide you with an opportunity to uncover other
      > documents you may have
      > missed earlier.
      > Good Luck & Enjoy!
      > Family History Library Catalog:
      > ______________
      > Bill Tarkulich
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