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Re: [S-R] Koches, Hirchak, Moros

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  • Marlene K. Markotan
    Frank, Michael listed his birth as Horhof Slovakia on his Petition for Naturalization. I looked it up in Czech Republic / Slovakia Euro Travel Atlas that I
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 28, 2003

      Michael listed his birth as Horhof Slovakia on his Petition for
      Naturalization. I looked it up in Czech Republic / Slovakia Euro Travel
      Atlas that I have. I found a Hrhov Slovakia which I thought may be where he
      was from since it was located in the area family members thought he was
      from. I thought maybe he had pronounced it and the person taking down the
      information spelled it as Horhof. I took German in high school and college
      and know that the German V sounds like an F so I thought he may have
      pronounced the V as an F when giving the information.

      In his petition Michael said he emigrated from Antwerp Belgium arriving in
      NY February 27, 1896. He couldn't remember the name of the ship. His last
      place of residence in Europe was Podraz Czechoslovakia. Before Ellis Island
      Database was available my husband stopped at the Archives in D.C while there
      on a business trip. He searched a week each direction, but didn't find any
      ship from Antwerp with Michael on it. He didn't have time to search
      anymore. I did search the Ellis Island web site. I did find him, I can't
      find the information I printed on him. I haven't been working much on this
      family lately. I have other families I am more interested in. Sometime
      when I have more time I will start working on him again.

      His first wife, Anna Farkasovsky interests me. She arrived in Philadelphia
      Sep 29, 1898. She gives her birth place as Zempl Bam Slovakia. Her last
      place of residence was either Soo or Sec Poland. She disappeared and I
      would love to know exactly what happened to her. Their grandchildren's
      stories differ on what happened to her. Supposedly she took off shortly
      after their last child was born because she missed her homeland. She was
      never seen or heard from again. This was about the time World War I was
      starting. The dates differ from 1913 - 1916. She may have taken their only
      son with her. The family stories differ on whether there ever was a son or
      not. They had 5 daughters, the youngest was either born in 1913 or 1915
      depending on what source I use. I checked for a passport for Anna at the
      National Archives, but there wasn't one. I later found out she wasn't a
      citizen so she wouldn't have one. Michael, according to one of his
      granddaughters, wasn't a very nice person. I have wondered if maybe he did
      her in. One granddaughter said that sometime after the mother left the baby
      boy's cup fell off a shelf and broke. Michael was superstitious and said
      that this was a sign that the boy had died.

      Koc^is^ is the original spelling I believe. Michael used both Kocis and
      Kochis. His children all used Kochis. He was a coal miner probably in one
      of the 2 mines you mentioned. At the time he died, May 23, 1943, he lived
      in Dunbar Twp, R. D. #1 Leisenring.


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      > My husband's great great grandfather was Michael
      Kocis/Kochis/Kocsis. He
      > was born either Aug 25, 1878 or Aug 15, 1875 in Horhof, Slovakia.
      > naturalization papers list one date and his marriage application
      > another. He immigrated to the U. S. in Feb 1896. He lived in
      > Fayette Co., PA and is buried in Connellsville, PA. I'm not sure
      > Michael's parents are. I haven't had a chance to order the film
      from my
      > local FHS and look it up. Several of Michael's grandchildren
      > meeting his brother, but they can't remember his name. There is a
      > Kocis (1876 - 1944) and the wife of a Paul Kochis buried in the same
      > cemetery as Michael. John's father (according to information on his
      > certificate) is John Kocis. The name of the mother is unknown.
      There are
      > some people by the last name Martin connected with these
      > families. You don't give any dates for Martin Koches and his wife.
      If you
      > see any connection let me know.
      > Marlene Markotan


      In what document was the German place name Horhof ?, Slovakia listed.
      -hof meant court, manor and later 'village'.

      The Spis^ská Nová Ves (Sk) Igló (H) Neudorf (G) region of Slovakia had
      many German settlements.
      For example, Neudorf means 'new village'.

      The Ellis Island Records (EIR) list 1427 surnames Kocsis
      and 90 surnames Kocis 1892-1924.
      Kocsis would be the Hungarian spelling and probably spelled
      Koc^is^ with Slovak diacritic letters c^ = ch and s^ = sh.

      On Jan 28, 1896 a Michal (Sk) (Michael) Kocsis, age 17 (b. abt.
      1898-9) arrived at Ellis Island (NYC) from port of Antwerp, Belgium.

      The image copy of ship manifest is not available so don't know his
      Final Destination in the US ?

      Am familiar with Leisenring No.1 and No. 2 coal mine and coke works in
      Fayette CO PA and Connellsville PA.

      Frank K

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