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RE: [S-R] Stasko/Sztasko, Strunya/Strunak/Struniak, and Lesny surnames

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    I d rather see you get their place of birth in some way other than the death cert. Death Certs are notoriously erroneous and nobody checks the info. Here are
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      I'd rather see you get their place of birth in some way other than the
      death cert. Death Certs are notoriously erroneous and nobody checks the
      info. Here are some better places to get the all-important place of

      Have you sleuthed through www.elllisisland.org database for your
      immigrants records?

      I doubt they were Greek Orthodox. They probably were confused with
      Greek Catholic. Read about it here
      http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/06744a.htm I should know. :) My GPs
      were Greek Catholic, my wife is Greek Orthodox, I was baptized RC. The
      GO never made it to Upper Hungary (Slovakia) in any numbers that
      mattered. They could also mean Orthodox, but I doubt it. In this
      region, it was Roman Catholic and Lutheran, as you can see from the
      records above.

      Stasko/Sztasko - the later is the Magyar (Hungarian) spelling of STASKO
      Strunak/Struniak - are clearly lingustic variations. Strunya sounds
      like something that was an American adaptation from the prior name.

      Many Strunak in SR phone book. Start here

      Good Luck,
      Bill Tarkulich

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      Subject: [S-R] Stasko/Sztasko, Strunya/Strunak/Struniak, and Lesny

      I'm about one week new to the group. I am researching my g-grandfather
      and g-grandmother, George Stasko (Sztasko) 15 Jan 1876 - 8 Jun 1945 and
      Mary Strunya (Strunak) 3 Mar 1877 - 18 Nov 1918. I also have the dates
      for Mary Strunak as May 1880 - 21 Nov 1919. Both variations of each of
      their names are listed on different documents. Her cousin Mike spelled
      his name Struniak. They all settled in Western PA. Both were born in
      Slovakia and were married in the U.S. on 12 Sept 1900. Marriage cert.
      states they were Greek Orthodox. Mary appears to have been illiterate at
      the time of the marriage as she made two x's where her signature should
      have been. She died in the flu pandemic. I am in the process of getting
      both of their death certificates.

      Question: Is anyone else out there researching either family name?

      On the other side of my family, my grandmother was Rosa Lesny. She came
      to the U.S. with other family members and their residence is listed as
      "Amina." Immigration and census records list them as everything from
      Slovak to Polish to Ukranian. Is this another Carpathian name? Any idea
      where Amina is?


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