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Searching for VOZAR SPISAK

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  • Gregory Vozar
    Greetings, fellow searchers in Slovakia. I m a new member searching for my father s family s origins in Slovakia. My great grandparents, Charles Albert Vozar
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2003
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      Greetings, fellow searchers in Slovakia.

      I'm a new member searching for my father's family's origins in
      Slovakia. My great grandparents, Charles Albert Vozar (1868 - ?) &
      Anna Liptak (1872 - ?) came to the USA in c. 1892 with their 1 year
      old son Albert, settling in Dixonville, PA. My grandfather,
      Charles/Karol was born in PA. The family entry is not listed in the
      Ellis Island records and probably entered the country through another
      east coast city. One of my older living relations says he saw their
      gravestones in the Catholic Cemetery in Dixonville.

      Three months ago, a woman in England who family shares my surname
      (Vozar), wrote to me, wondering me if we might be related. Many
      messages, traded pictures and phone calls later, Margareta invited me
      to accompany her and her husband on a trip to Prague and Bratislava.
      I could not refuse. While in Slovakia, we did a great deal of
      searching in the matrikas of Bratislava, Sered', S^urovce & Horny
      C^epen^ (between Trnava & Nitra). We found lots of Vozars, including
      her gr grandfather Jan Vozar and her grandfather Alexandr, but I was
      not able to find my gr granfather Charles Albert (Karol Adalbert?).
      Thus we were unable to prove a relationship between our families, and
      I still do not know if my family came from this area of the country.

      My paternal grandmother, Anna Spisak, left Slovakia at a much later
      date (1911) from Dobsina. She and her mother and two brothers are in
      the Ellis Island records. I have not yet tried to contact any of the
      Spisaks in the Dobsina area. Oddly enough, Margareta's brother
      married a Spisakova girl, making it possible the two families are
      related twice.

      I'd welcome any suggestions as to what to do next or where to look. I
      will probably return at some point to Slovakia with my "cousin"
      Margareta, and continue the search, but it's a big country to go
      through, one matrika at a time!

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      Greg Vozár
      „Ktorý Slovák nemá rád jedlo?"
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