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Re: Surname Komjathy

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  • Frank
    ... They ... or ... about ... HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY DICTIONARY OF ALL VILLAGES IN SLOVAKIA. Vlastivedny slovník obcí na Slovensku (Bratislava, SAV,
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, ROZ K ERHARDT <rkerhardt@j...>
      > Greetings Fellow Slovakian Gen researchers,I'm a newbie and I am
      > researching the Surname Komjathy, from AbaujSzina[
      > Sena},Zemplen,Hungary[now Slovakia] in the late 1700's and 1800's.
      > are of the Calvinist faith, one son was relocated to
      > Kassa[Kosice]Hungary[Slovak] I would sincerely appreciate any info
      > help on expanding the main branch that I have or even more info
      > this megye, village or history of this area.
      > Thanks in advance. Rozalia
      > Maternal lines: Lorinczy,Lazar, Szilagyi,Tseplo,Old

      " Vlastivedny' slovník obcí na Slovensku "(Bratislava, SAV, 1977-78).
      In three volumes, which gives the basic geographic, historical, and
      cultural information about every city, town, and small village in
      the country (about 3300 of them). Produced during the Socialist
      period, it has a Marxist bias, but is very, very good source material:
      Census statistics every 10 years 1869-1970, early geographical name,
      county, early and modern history, important architectural monuments,
      detailed maps of the country, and, in many cases, a photograph. It
      does not include demographic material such as the predominant
      nationality or religion of a village: Most towns are Slovak, but there
      are Rusyn and Magyar villages and some still have a sizable
      German-speaking minority. This marvelous source book is in Slovak, is
      out of print, but if you can consult a copy it will give you the
      basics about your ancestral Slovak village.

      The overpriced Canadian source sells these 3 volumes in the $475.00
      range !

      That is US $ not Slovak koruna.

      Frank K
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