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Re: RAAB form the village Hniezdne

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  • Frank
    ... the surname ... ahoj Tina Hniezdne is located 179 miles ENE of Bratislava near okres Stará L ubovn^a, Slovakia. Before the term z^upa (county) was
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Tina Woods <tinanwoods@y...>
      > Hello all!
      > My name is Tina, and I am new to this listserve. I am researching
      the surname
      > RAAB form the village Hniezdne, Slovakia.

      ahoj Tina

      Hniezdne is located 179 miles ENE of Bratislava near okres Stará
      L'ubovn^a, Slovakia.
      Before the term z^upa (county) was discontinued in Slovakia in
      1923, Hniezdne was located in Spis^ská (grammatical gender form
      of Spis^) county.

      Interesting region.
      Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns, Croatians, Hungarians, and Poles.
      Don't know which group settled here first in 12th, 14th, and 16th

      Raab was a German surname.
      There are 2,600+ surnames Raab listed in gedcom files.

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists a Emil and Karol Raab under
      Hniezdne and a Raab under Stará L'ubovn^a.

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the R.C. parish church records (1624-1904) for
      Gn^azdá (also spelled Hniezdne), Slovensko, Czechoslovakia, formerly
      known as Gnézda, Szepes megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin, Hungarian and Slovak.

      film #

      Frank K
    • Bill Tarkulich
      Hello Tina and welcome to the list. You re off to a fine start, and lucky you have the film resources available. You ll make good progress. Regarding 188
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 30, 2003
        Hello Tina and welcome to the list. You're off to a fine start, and
        lucky you have the film resources available. You'll make good progress.

        Regarding "188 Spisska Zupa, CZ. SL" This is an incomplete address, the
        village name is omitted. "Zupa" means "region" or district, or perhaps
        county, depending on the source's intent. "Spisska Zupa" is literally
        "Spis region". I suspect the "188" is a house number. It's quite
        possible that he is from is also GNEZDA, given all the corroborating
        evidence you've gathered thus far.

        I can't tell you a much about the Tatra area as it's beyond my sphere of
        research (Northeast/Zemplin county). However, I do have some general
        reference material and am happy to extract what I have for you:
        In the 1910 Magyar census, the village of GNEZDA, located in Szepes
        county, Olubloi district, had 1080 residents comprised as follows:
        39 Magyar (Hungarian)
        736 Germans
        286 Slovaks
        936 Roman Catholic
        89 Greek Catholic
        52 Jewish

        It doesn't appear that the FHL has the 1869 census records for that
        village available yet, which would have made for another good source.

        For background info, you may want to consider researching neighboring
        towns. If you have not already done so, go to the map server
        http://mapy.atlas.sk and enter IHniezdne. Many times a collective
        history of several regional villages is available (most often not on the
        web and most often in a native language.) You'll probably get your
        films before you dig out the historical info. You'll probably focus on
        Stara Lubovna for historical information. As is often the case, larger
        villages have greater influence on the minors.
        A quick search of www.google.com (in case you haven't) reveals:


        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/message/5601 ( a message from
        someone else researching your village)
        and another


        and if you really have time on your hands:

        Good Luck to you. Let us know what you find.
        Bill Tarkulich

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        From: Tina Woods [mailto:tinanwoods@...]
        Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 9:28 PM
        To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: [S-R] RAAB form the village Hniezdne

        Hello all!
        My name is Tina, and I am new to this listserve. I am researching the
        surname RAAB form the village Hniezdne, Slovakia.

        According to ship manifests, my grandmother Stefania (Stephanie) RAAB
        came to the USA (ultimately to Philadelphia PA) through Ellis Island
        in 1904, as did her siblings Maria (1900), Ferdinand (1905), Ludmilla
        (1921) and Josef (1922). All list the village Gnesda (Guezda, Gniazda,
        Gnezda etc.) in Hungary or Czechoslovakia (after 1920) as their place
        of origin/birth. According to information I have read in this list-
        serve and the TARG website, this is a Tatra area village now known as
        Hniezdne which is currently in Slovakia.

        On the ship manifests they identify Josef Raab as thier father and the
        1921 &1922 manifests list 188 Spisska Zupa, CZ. SL. as his
        address. Family legend has it that their mother's name was Victoria

        I have researched my grandmother and her siblings in the USA through
        cencus documents, but I am hoping to begin research of them in Europe.
        I am awaiting the 3 microfilm records from the LDS family history center
        I have seen identified here and at the TARG website which apparently
        have parrish records for this village.

        I would appreciate any other advice on research in this village, or any
        leads on this surname/family group in this region of Europe.
        Incidentally, I cannot
        find Ludmilla in any cencus, birth, death or marraige records
        (ancestry.com and genealogy.com) in the US after her passage through
        Ellis Island, so any news of her in America would be welcome.

        Also, any reccomendations on reading for background information on this
        village/municipality/region, particulary leading up to and including
        the time of their immigration would be appreciated.

        I have appreciated your posts to date, and look forward to contributing.

        Many Thanks
        Tina Woods

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