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RE: [S-R] New to the list RUNCAK OR RUSIC

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Lorna, I have two friends, surnames RUNC AK (roon-chak) and RUSIC (roo-sich) from the my ancestral Villages of Nova Sedlica (Ujsek) and Zboj (Harczos) in
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 30, 2003
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      I have two friends, surnames RUNC'AK (roon-chak) and RUSIC' (roo-sich)
      from the my ancestral Villages of Nova Sedlica (Ujsek) and Zboj
      (Harczos) in extreme northeast Slovakia. These villages are on the
      Poland-Ukraine borders. Remarkably, they are seeking their families in
      America. We are having a heck of a time finding them in the States -
      the name appears to have been altered dramtically. It is easier to find
      someone in Slovakia than in America! RUNCAK initially immigrated to
      Scranton/Dunmore 1904-06 and stayed with my relatives.

      Does any of this sound familiar? What years did your immigrants arrive?
      To where? Have you searched www.ellisisland.org for them?

      Bill Tarkulich

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      I recently joined this list in hopes of finding information on the
      (many spelling variations) RANCZUCH, REINZUCH, RANCUCH, RANSUCH and
      RANCUK. I have not yet found the origin of this name. My family is from
      the Lomza
      area, Sensburg area and possibly the Plock area. Also searching
      and BAST.

      Lorna Fromknecht

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