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RE: [S-R] Busha, Welchko

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    consider some of these names/villages from the SR phone book. Note the Albert Velèický B.Smetanu , Trnava Albert Velèický Vinodol Alica Velèeková
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 25, 2003
      consider some of these names/villages from the SR phone book. Note the
      Albert Velčický B.Smetanu , Trnava
      Albert Velčický Vinodol
      Alica Velčeková Kvetná , Drienov
      Anna Velčeková Rovniankova , Bratislava
      Anna Velčická Saratovská , Bratislava
      Anton Velčický Štúrova , Komjatice
      Augustín Velčík Záhradnícka , Bratislava
      Aurel Velčický Budyšínska , Bratislava
      Božena Velčická Miletičova , Bratislava
      Dr. Jozef Velček Žižkova , Drienov
      Dušan Velčický Cyrila a Metoda , Bánovce nad Bebravou
      Dušan Velčický Biovetská , Nitra
      Emília Velčická Lipová , Nitra
      Erika Velčková Jegorovovo nám. , Košice
      Eva Velčická Mostná , Nitra
      Eva Velčíková Rozvodná , Bratislava
      František Velcer Remetské Hámre
      František Velčic Bizetova , Nitra
      Helena Velčická Mládeže , Zlaté Moravce
      Igor Velčický Vihorlatská , Nitra
      Igor Velčík Mierová , Bratislava
      Igor Velčík Mierová , Bratislava
      Ing. Ján Velčic Bottova , Pezinok
      Ing. Jozef Velček Krivá , Košice
      Ing. Jozef Velčický Hollého , Hlohovec
      Ing. Karol Velčický Športová , Močenok
      Irena Velčeková Ovručská , Košice
      Irena Velčicová Šoltésovej , Nové Zámky
      Ján Velčický Medená , Bratislava
      Ján Velčický Dunajská , Nitra
      Ján Velčík Športová , Viničné
      Ján Velčko Petrovce
      Ján Velčok Víťaz
      Jaroslav Velček Osuského , Bratislava
      Jaroslav Velčický Oravská , Nitra
      Jaroslav Velčický Pod vodojemom , Uhrovec
      Jozef Velčicky Jurkovičova , Nitra
      Jozef Velčický Sasinkova (m.č. Podháj) , Martin
      Jozef Velčický Sv.Gorazda , Močenok
      Jozef Velčický Kukučínova , Šaľa
      Jozefína Velčická Znievska , Bratislava

      Good Luck,
      Bill Tarkulich

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      Thanks, Richard;

      We knew Anastasia Welchko married George Hrib, who was from Ruskie (sp),
      but not her origin. Since she married in 1909 at age 16 (she
      lied about her age) as was the only one of her siblings born in
      Europe, she was the natural starting point. I have struck out thus
      far in finding LDS records as they cut off too early. The fact that
      both villages were displaced only adds to the difficulty in tracing
      the family lines. I know the Hrib family had relatives in Ulic but
      would you have any idea where else the Welchko's might have had
      roots? I intend to order some films tomorrow to begin the search,
      village by village, if necessary.

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      > Subject: [S-R] Busha, Welchko
      > > I am looking for help in determining the correct spelling for the
      > > Welchko name. I know the Americanized version is wrong. I only
      > > the person came from Czechoslovakia before 1900 but she would
      > > identify the place she was from. I spoke with her youngest sister,
      > > age 99, last Thursday. She indicated the place sounded
      like "Zawala".
      > > (Yes, I know the "w" is a problem in both the name and place.)
      Her 83
      > > year-old daughter gave me "Vala".
      > I can confirm one poster's suggestion of Zvala as the village of
      > Busha / Bus~a is most definitely a Zvala name. It was a village
      > almost entirely by Rusyns. Rusyn immigrants to the USA from Zvala
      > in places like Patton, South Fork, Portage, Philipsburg, and
      Scranton, Pa.,
      > and Binghamton, New York.
      > The village of Zvala is now in the northeast corner of Slovakia, a
      few miles
      > northeast of the city of Snina, almost adjacent to the borders of
      Poland and
      > Ukraine. Unfortunately, Zvala was one of seven villages along the
      > River which ceased to exist in 1980 after the construction of a
      > dam/reservoir on the river. Most of the residents moved either to
      Snina or
      > the nearby city of Humenne.
      > Rich Custer

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