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Re: Geographical origin of first names -Zanetto and Constantichi.

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  • Frank
    ... Anthony (English) Antonius (Latin) Anton (German) Antal (Hungarian) Antun, Ante, Anto (Croatian) Antonio (Italian) Constantine (Latin) A Roman first name
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "lorrainew01"
      <lorraine.williams@n...> wrote:
      > An ancestor of apparently Croatian origin had both these first
      > names. Does anyone know of the geographical origin of these names -
      > are they Croatian, Italian, Greek, Austrian? Are they commonly in
      > use anywhere nowadays?
      > Thank you,
      > Lorraine

      Anthony (English)
      Antonius (Latin)
      Anton (German)
      Antal (Hungarian)
      Antun, Ante, Anto (Croatian)
      Antonio (Italian)

      Constantine (Latin)
      A Roman first name derived from word 'constans' meaning constant,
      Constantine (I) the Great was the famous Roman emperor,who named
      Constantinople as new capital; sanctioned Christian worship.
      Greek rite of Greek Orthodox Church was also called Byzantine (Uniat)
      rite and was observed in the Greek language.

      George (English)
      Geogorius (Latin)
      Gergor (German)
      György, Gyurko, Gyuri (Hungarian)
      Gjuro, Djuro, D'uro (Croatian)
      Giorgio (Italian)

      Nickolas (English)
      Nicholas (Latin)
      Niko, Nikola (Croatian)
      Nicolo (Italian)

      Zanetto is an Italian surname.
      I believe it is still found in Venice.

      In 1409 the Croatians elected a Neapolitan prince Ladislas, king
      of Croatia and he sold Venice his rights to all of Dalmatia.
      By 1420 Venice controlled all of Dalmatia except Dubrovnik.

      Emperor Napoleon I signed a peace treaty with Austria in 1797.
      Whereby Austria ceded to France its holdings in Belgium and along
      the Rhine River in return for Istria, Venetia, and Dalmatia, which
      had belonged to Venice.
      The Republic of Venice ceased to exist.

      For 450 years , Austria and Italy traded rule of parts of the
      Damacija region of Croatia.

      In 1912, a Giorgs ? Ceklic', a Montenegrin, age 27, emigrated from
      port of Liverpool, England to his friend in Minnesota USA.
      He was born in Zomice, Montenegro ?
      Today, the surname Ceklic' appears in Croatia, Montenegro (Crnagora),
      Slovenia, and Serbia.

      44 years ago, I knew Greek, but I have forgotten most of the language
      because lack of use.

      Frank Kurcina
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