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Re: [S-R] Re: Ceclich - looking for ancestors.

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Lorraine, Re spelling; A surname Ceclich, with exactly these letters, does not exist in croatian language and is unpronouncable for a Croatian. You will
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2003
      Dear Lorraine,
      Re spelling;
      A surname Ceclich, with exactly these letters, does not exist in croatian
      language and is unpronouncable for a Croatian.
      You will have to depart the idea, that this surname in this spelling was
      ever used in Croatia or Montenegro.

      I sent you a separate mail directly , to show you, what is the correct
      spelling of this surname, if you want to do any searches on this side of the

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      > Sorry about posting my original message again - I did that by
      > accident! I can understand it once but I don't know how it got there
      > 3 times - sorry!! I was actually trying to thank everyone who replied
      > to my original plea and update information, but pressed a wrong button
      > (but not 3 times I'm sure)!
      > So - thank you to everyone who replied to my original message - I am
      > still following up ideas suggested there.
      > There were some inaccuracies in my original posting that I would like
      > to correct and see if they throw up any new information.
      > In fact it was NICHOLAS GEORGE CECLICH (born 1836/7), a mariner, who
      > sailed from Trieste to Liverpool, England in the 1850s (not as
      > previously stated). Nicholas and Zannetta, who were recorded in the
      > 1901 England Census, must have been his sons. In census returns
      > Nicholas George Ceclich gave his fathers name as ANTONIO CECLICH, a
      > shopkeeper and his birth country as Austria.
      > NICHOLAS GEORGE CECLICH married in a newly-opened Greek Orthodox
      > church in Liverpool in 1865 and named his sons NICHOLAS and ZANETTO
      > CONSTANTICHI. I previously said that his name was Zannetta as this
      > was how it was recorded in the 1901 English census.
      > In 1912 a young 18-year old man immigrated to Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA
      > and subsequently became a naturalised American. When completing the
      > 1920 US census he stated that his parents' native tongue was
      > Croatian, his name was GEORGE CECLICH. It is rare to find anyone
      > with the exact same spelling. The conclusions that have been drawn
      > from this are that the Ceclichs were originally from Croatia, then
      > part of the Austrian Empire, and that the name is spelt consistently
      > with that used when they lived in their native land, as immigrants to
      > both the UK and US have the exact same spelling.
      > Can anyone throw any light on the combination of forenames -
      > NICHOLAS, GEORGE, ZANETTO, ANTONIO and the exact spelling of CECLICH
      > along with the Austrian/Croatian/maybe Greek or Italian clues?
      > Also, does anyone know of any census or church records that we could
      > search to find out who the original Ceclichs were?
      > Thank you
      > Lorraine
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      > > --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "lorrainew01"
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      > > > Nicholas and Zannetta (male) CECLICH sailed from Trieste to
      > > Liverpool
      > > > towards the end of the 1800s. Despite putting the name into
      > various
      > > > searches we cannot find the ethnic origin of the name and
      > wondered
      > > > whether this site may be able to offer suggestions as to whether
      > > the
      > > > spelling may have altered or which country is the most likely to
      > > > search further in.
      > > > Thank you
      > > > Lorraine
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