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Re: [S-R] Re: Family search/Slivnik?Szilvasujfalu

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  • Bonnie Richards
    Aloha Frank! and Ahoj! as well! ... From: Frank To: Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 7:56 AM Subject: [S-R] Re:
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      Aloha Frank! and Ahoj! as well!
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Bonnie Richards"
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      > Dear list,
      > I haven't posted in a long time. Anyone out there doing research in
      > or Kolbasa?
      > My grandmother's mother BENYAK, Maria was born on 4, May 1864, in
      > Szilvasujfalu,Sztrabicso, Zemplen. She married HALASZ Janos from
      > Ungmegye now in the Ukraine on 14 May, 1883. Her father was Janos
      > and mother Julia KALINYAK. Can anyone tell me the current correct
      names of
      > their villages now? Their church was Greek Catholic and I was told
      > is the nearest church to their village in their time frame. I know
      > Maria had two sisters Julia and Anna who came to America and I found
      > brother on the EIDB named Anni who visited his two sisters in
      Passaic, New
      > Jersey. I don't know if he remained in America or returned to
      > The BENYAK family were from Silvasujfalu and one of Maria Benyak's
      > ( Maria ) lived in her home village with her husband, Gyula IVANKO.
      > Daughter Maria married Gyula IVANKO and they lived there in 1912
      when my
      > grandmother Ilona visited her. Ilona and Maria were sisters. Any
      > guidelines and insightful info will be valued! To whom do I write
      > reliable research?
      > Aloha,
      > VBR (Bonnie)
      > Hauula, Hawaii

      ahoj (hello or bye in Slovak) not Aloha (Haw. greeting or farewell)

      I am not researching Slivník (Szilvásújfalu) nor Brezina (Kolbása)

      Slivník (Sk) Szilvásújfalu (H) was a Carpatho-Rusyn village, 1806
      formerly located in Zemplén megye (county) Hungary.
      Kolbása (H) was called Brezina (Sk) and is located 3.5 miles distant
      from Slivník.
      Slivník has 2 churches (R.C. and Protestant)

      The LDS-Mormons have filmed the G.C. parish church records (1826-1897)
      for Brezina, Slovakia.
      (No mention that they also contain records for Slivník ?)
      Text in Hungarian,Latin and Ruthenian.

      film #

      Lehócz (H) was called Ljachivci and was formerly located in Ung megye
      (county) Hungary.
      It was located just west of C^ertez^ (Ungcsertész) and about 10 miles
      SE of Uz^gorod/Ungvár/Uzhhorod/Uzhorod, Ukraine.

      Now located in the Zakarpatska Oblast.
      3 a k a p || a t c b k a (Cyrillic)
      Z a k a r p a t s - k a

      The area of today's Karpatho-Ukraine was part of the Kingdom of
      Hungary from the 10th century to 1919, and formed the counties,
      comitatus in Latin, which was the legal language of
      administration until 1844, Komitat or Gespannschaft in German,
      Megye in Magyar), of Ung,(capital Ungvár), Bereg (Beregszasz),
      U-gocsa (Nagy-Szállos), and Máramaros (Marmaros-Szighet).
      They did not form a special administrative area during Hungarian

      There is a Lehovtsoy/Lekhovteoy/Lemkovtsy/Lyakhovtse located
      10 miles ESE of Uzhhorod.
      My best guess this is now the name of your Lehócz (H)

      When Cyrillic alphabet is transliterated into Roman (Latin) alphabet,
      5-6 different spellings are possible - all correct because there is
      no standard.
      Depends into which European language the name was transliterated to

      Ukrainian has a H sound/letter, but no hard G.
      Russian has no H sound/letter, but a hard G.
      Both are written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

      For example, a town located in former Bukovina (which is now divided
      between the Ukraine and Romania) had 7 names.

      1 Chernowatz
      2 Cernauti
      3 Chernivtsi
      4 Chernowitz
      5 Chernovitsy
      6 Chernovits
      7 Tscherenowitz

      Or, Lvov (E) Ukraine
      Lwów (Polish)
      Lvóv, Lvyv
      J| b B ï B (Ukrainian)
      J| b B o B (Russian)
      Leopolis (Latin)
      Lemberg (German)

      cau (bye)

      Frank Kurcina

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