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Re: [S-R] two vranovs?

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  • Frank <frankur@att.net>
    ... Vranovske ... most ... Topl ou), ... wend ... Dlhe, ... find ... Catholics ... Physically (administratively) today, Vranov, Vranovské Delhé, and C^emrné
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 24, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Ron Milliken <rmilliken@s...>
      > The 1877 Gazetteer of Hungary tells where the people of each village
      > went to church. Since you said your grandmother was born in
      > Dlhe, the entry for Varanno Hosszumezo (Vranovske Dlhe) will be the
      > help: Roman Catholics went to church in Varanno (Vranov nad
      > Greek Catholics went to church in Szedliszka (Sedliska), Lutherans
      > to church in Kladzany, and Jews wend to synagogue in Varanno.
      > It is interesting that in Varanno, only two miles from Vranovske
      > Greek Catholics went to church in Csemernye-Varanno (Cemerne), and
      > Lutherans went to church in Mernyik.
      > If your grandmother was Roman Catholic or Greek Catholic, you may
      > cousins also in the other church, as marriages between Roman
      > and Greek Catholics were fairly common.
      > Ron Milliken

      Physically (administratively) today, Vranov, Vranovské Delhé, and
      C^emrné are part of Vranov nad Topl'ou.

      According to Slovakia Autoatlas , Vranov nad Topl'ou has 5 churches.
      From its location the church at Vranovské Delhé looks like it could
      have been separate once.

      Hencovce is located just east of Vranov nad Topl'ou.
      Today, Hencovce is also part of Vranov nad Topl'ou.
      Its G.C. records are also listed under Sedliská.

      Sedliská was part of okres (district) Vranov nad Topl'ou.
      Its church is located NE beyond Vranov nad Delhé.

      Then there was the question of possible 'mixed marriages' as you

      In Slovakia, Jewish records (whether community or synagogue) were
      listed under a larger R.C. entity (church)

      Catholic churches kept copies of Jewish records.
      For example, a portion of the records for the Jewish Community
      records for Rajec (near Z^ilina) have Druhopisy (Bishops' copy)
      as a title.
      These records start in 1787 and go through 1935, an unusually long
      time period.
      These records covered over 45 settlements located in the
      general Z^ilina area.
      The R.C. church in Z^ilina kept the Jewish records for Z^ilina and
      another large number of other communities located to the east.

      > mabensh wrote:
      > > I am getting conflicting info from various sources. I am hoping
      > > someone here can help clarify it. My grandmother was born in
      > > Vranovske Dhle. One source told me this was near Bratislavia by
      > > Hungarian and Polish borders. Another source has informed me that
      > > the name was now Vranov Nad Toplou which is by Ukraine. I could
      > > swear I had looked at a map showing it by Bratislavia. Are there
      > > different places?
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