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      Subject: [S-R] Re: NOVAK, MARGA
      I have a MARGA in my family tree. My Mom gave me the gr parents names, their siblings. One of which is Mike MARGA w. Julie-Kudro-Sabo, lived in the town of Michalovce, Slovakia---I have no exact dates ,but very general ones on these relatives . Sorry I couldn't help more ,but it ought to put a smile on your face that the name is Slovakian and someone will get into the ""root cellar""" and do some digging. Vera*********
      In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "mabensh <mabensh@y...>"
      <mabensh@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Anyone else tracking either of these surnames? I am told by my
      > mother that her grandparents were Slovakian. A census report
      > indicates my grandfather says they were Lithuanian!
      > Would MARGA be a Slovak name? Would there be other spellings for
      > that?
      > As always, any help is appreciated.

      Marga could be a Slovak surname as well as other ethnicities.
      There were surnames Marga from Upper-Hungary, later Slovakia.
      From Kos^ice, Pres^ov, and Michalovce region in eastern Slovakia.
      A few were from Galicia in SE Poland..

      When a Slavic surname ends in a vowel it can also be a Romance
      language (Italian, French, Spanish) name.
      Most of the surnames Marga who emigrated to the U.S. were from Italy
      and bore Italian first names.

      Marga doesn't look like a Lithuanian surname.
      But, marga(s) does mean 'of many colors' in Lithuanian.
      Lithuanian surnames are uncommon like Golokvisc^iaus, Mis^kinis,
      Baz^nyc^ia, Arbac^auskas, etc.

      Before the 1920 U.S. Federal Census , census takers were Anglo males
      who spoke no foreign languages.
      They may not have understood your surnames.
      Perhaps surnames had lived in a Lithuanian neighborhood.
      Where did your GF settle in the U.S. ?

      How are you ?
      I understand.

      Hogy Van ? Hungarian

      Ako sa más^ ? Slovak

      Kaip gyvenate ? Lithuanian
      As^ suprantu.

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