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  • Frank <frankur@att.net>
    ... I both grew ... help as I search ... Family -- BOLISEGA. Any bit of information that points me in the right direction of our ... country, because ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 20, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Ronald Polle" <rldep@m...>
      > Greetings --
      > My name is Laurie and I currently live in Iowa, USA. My husband and
      I both grew
      > up in the Chicago, IL area. Hopefully, this group will be a great
      help as I search
      > for both my Father's Family -- BASTIAN -- and my husband's Mother's
      Family -- BOLISEGA. Any bit of information that points me in the
      right direction of our
      > Family History will be deeply appreciated!!!
      > BOLISEGA
      > My husband and both believe there are relatives in the "old"
      country, because
      > his Grandfather used to write letters. We are seeking information
      > JOSEPH STOZEK, Krakow,Poland & MONICA(MARY) POTOCZEK, Krakow,Poland
      > child: Mary Stozek, b. abt. 1892 Mszana Dolna, Limanowa GAL.
      > child: PETER BOLISEGA, Kasinka maca. GAL.
      > MARY STOZEK wed PETER BOLISEGA 30/05/1911 at St. John Cantius
      > Church,
      Chicago, IL, USA
      > I haven't been able to find when or where Mary and Peter came to the
      > Another close family name that somehow connects is:
      > MALEC
      > Thank you -- Laurie

      Except for surname Stoszek you may not be posting for the
      correct country.

      From the late 1700s until the end of WW I, Poland did not exist as a
      country. It was divided among the Russian, German (Prussian), and
      Austrian Empires. These divisions were known as Partitions.

      The southern Polish territories around Kraków and Lwów were
      incorporated into the Austrian Empire and renamed "Galicia".

      Galicia was formerly a Austrian Crownland and part of Austro-Hungarian
      Monarchy (1867-1918). Sometimes referred to as Austrian Poland.
      Other names for the area were Galicja (Polish), Galizien (German),
      Halychyna (Ukrainian) and Rus Halicka (Polish)

      In 1918, Galicia was annexed to Poland as "Malopolska" (Little
      After the 1939 partition of Poland by Germany and Russia, East Galicia
      became part of Ukraine while West Galicia remained in Poland.
      Its former territories are now shared between southern Poland and
      western Ukraine.

      Your placenames were located in former Galicia in SE Poland just over
      the NE Slovakia border.

      Mszana-Dolna (lower) is located 181 miles SSW of Warszawa and west of
      Nowy Sacz and Limanowa, Poland.
      Kasinka Mala (little) is located 180 miles SSW of Warszawa and
      about 4 miles NW of Mszava Dolna, Poland.

      GF used to write letters in what language ?

      How are you ? English

      Jak sie masz ? Polish

      Wie geht es Ihnen ? German

      Hogy Van ? Hungarian

      Ako sa más^ ? Slovak

      Jak se máte ? Czech

      In 1912, a Jan (John) Bolisega, age 30, married, Polish, emigrated to
      Birthplace was Kasinka Mala Galicia .
      He had been here earlier in 1904/1908.
      Went to his brother L ? Bolizega.
      Looks like Oliver PA ?
      Oliver is located in Fayette CO in SW PA.
      This is where Slavic surnames went to work in the
      region's bituminous (soft) coal mines and coke ovens.

      In 1908, a Jerzy (George) Bolisega, age 35, married , Polish,
      emigrated to the U.S.
      Birthplace Kasinska Mala.
      He went to brother-in-law Joseph Kucharcz at:
      4550 Laflin Ave, Chicago IL.

      Surname Bastian is another matter.
      361 surnames Bastian emigrated to U.S. via Ellis Island (NYC)
      1892-1924 and came from many countries.

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