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    Dear Frank - First of all - not in the village of Nanuet, but Rockland County does have a historic lighthouse in the town of Stony Point - on the Hudson River.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2003
      Dear Frank -

      First of all - not in the village of Nanuet, but Rockland County does have a
      historic lighthouse in the town of Stony Point - on the Hudson River.

      Thank you for the information. I had been looking at that myself recently,
      trying to gather information for my Uncle John Rabatin who just celebrated
      his 90th birthday. When you speak to him, you might as well be speaking to
      any 40 or 50 year old - I hope I got some of his genes!

      I think that "Stowerstown" really reads "Howerstown" - that's a funny "H" at
      the beginning - and for sure meant Haverstraw. Julia (Makohus) Rabatin and
      Susanna and Anna are my grandmother and two aunts returning from one of two
      visits grandma made back to Europe. The oldest daughter was left in this
      country during this trip - she would have been six years old, and
      undoubtedly was in school.

      I had discovered "Pal", which the Slovak World list told me was a good
      Hungarian name. I had not picked up on Janos, because when I looked at the
      Ellis Island site I had not yet made the connection that "Szecsmezo" was
      Sec^ovska Polianka in Hungarian.

      I don't know anything more about Pal, Janos and the brother that Jozsef went
      to in Tuxedo Park, which is the first town in Orange County, just north of
      Sloatsburg and Suffern, the western villages in Rockland County - not that
      far from Haverstraw. I don't know of any work there except on the rich
      estates in Tuxedo Park. I'm inclined to think some of these men returned to
      Europe - I know that grandma's brother did return, and he appears on one
      census here - I never did find the others on a census.

      Does anyone else have a problem with reading the information on the right
      side of the Ellis Island manifest? It would seem to me that the information
      relating to a passenger would be written between two heavier lines, with a
      lighter one separating the two lines of information. However it looks like
      "Uncle - Andras Rabatin" is on the line above the listing of Howerstown, NY,
      in the section that would seem to relate to the previous passenger. A
      little confusing, I think.

      I do want to find out how many brothers my grandfather Andrej Rabatin had -
      according to his naturalization papers he came here in 1881. My uncle said
      his parents married in Europe, and dzeda came over first. But Julia Makohus
      wasn't born until 1875, while dzeda was born in 1859, 1861 or 1863,
      depending on which record you look at. So Andrej made at least one trip back
      for a bride.

      Grandfather Andrej Rabatin died in 1916, and so I don't know whether he was
      Roman Catholic or Greek Catholic - I do know that grandma Julia Makohus
      Rabatin was a Greek Catholic in Europe. So perhaps it's the Greek Catholic
      record film that I need to borrow from the LDS.

      Frank, as always your help is very much appreciated!

      Regina Rabatin Haring
      Nanuet, NY

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      > My Grandfather Andrej Rabatin came from Secovska Polanka, Zemplen,
      and went
      > to work in the brickyards in Haverstraw, Rockland Co., NY, - came in
      > according to his naturalization papers, which was at the beginning
      of the
      > time that many Slovaks moved to Haverstraw.
      > Regina Rabatin Haring
      > Nanuet, NY
      > http://www.dutchdoorgenealogy.com

      A number of Rabatin surname bearers emigrated from Sec^ovská
      Polianka (Sk) Szécsmezo" (H), Slovakia and went to Haverstraw, NY.

      A Pál (Paul), age 24, single, Slovak, in 1901.
      He went to uncle András (Andrew) at Haverstraw, NY.

      A János (John) , age 17, single, Slovak, in 1907.
      He went to uncle András (Andrew) in Stowerstown ? , NY.
      Expect that was Haverstraw misspelled.

      A József (Joseph) , age 27, Slovak, single in 1909.
      He went to brother in Tuxedo Park, NY. Orange CO ?

      A Julia, age 29 with children Anna, age 3 and Suzanna (Susan)
      age 11 months in 1904.
      Went to husband and their father András (Andrew) in Haverstraw, NY.

      The LDS-Mormons filmed the R.C. parish church records (1779-1895)
      for Sec^ovská Polianka (Sk) Szécsmezo" (H), Slovakia.
      Listed under Parchovany, Slovakia; formerly Párnó (H),
      Zemplén megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      These microfilm reels are available for rental and viewing at any
      Family History Center (FHC) worldwide.
      90% of patrons are non-Mormons doing surname research.

      LDS - Mormon FHCs - LOCATIONS


      Some abbreviations used for various denominations :
      Hungarian English
      rk.-RK. római katholikus Roman Catholic
      gk. GK. görög katholikus Greek Catholic/Byzantine
      kg. KG. keleti görög Greek Oriental (Eastern Orthodox)
      ag. AG. ágostai Evangelical (Lutheran)
      ref. REF. református Reformed (Calvinist)
      izr. IZR. izraelita Israelite (Jewish)

      (only the film headers are written in Slovak)
      In Slovak the matriky (parish church records)
      Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
      Sobás^ení = Marriages
      Zomrelí = Deaths

      In Hungarian the matriky are titled
      Kereszteltek Anyakönyve = Baptism Records
      Házasultak Anyakönyve = Marriage Records
      Halottak Anyakönyve = Death Records

      In Latin the matriky are titled matricula.
      Matricula Baptisatorum = Baptism Records
      Matricula Copulatorum = Marriage Records
      Matricula Defunctorum = Death Records

      Doesn't Nanuet have a lighthouse located at Stony Point ?

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