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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Terry, This story is so incredible, that I called a teacher in Parchovany, to see, if it is true. There are two cemeteries in Parchovany. Old and new. The
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      Dear Terry,
      This story is so incredible, that I called a teacher in Parchovany, to see,
      if it is true.
      There are two cemeteries in Parchovany. Old and new. The old one was
      gradually abandoned and only the new one is being used.
      During WW2, when Germans were retreating, a Russian artillery was on the old
      cemetery, shooting at Germans in the hills, West of Parchovany. At one
      occasion, they made a mistake, and killed a lot of their own soldiers, who
      were put in a mass grave, and later transferred to Dargovsky priesmik, where
      the main Russian monument and grave is now.
      He knows nothing about any other mass grave.
      The iron crosses were usually taken by the locals, as I can see everywhere.
      They belonged to the graves, that have not been taken care of for a long
      time, like german ones for example.
      Please, consider, that the Germans did not have time, to make any grave
      transfers and that cast iron crosses are and were useles for them.
      There also was a Jewish cemetery, that has been changed into gardens with
      With best regards,

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      > Terry,
      > that would be something if you and your co worker were somehow
      related. has
      > this person any interest at all in genealogy? it is every family
      > person's dream to find just one other person who would be
      interested in doing
      > the same search. however, it seems that for the most part, each
      family has
      > only one of us and we are destined to go it alone. maybe your co
      > could be the person to search the town in Europe with you.
      > Noreen
      Hi, Noreen. After she saw one of my notebooks of Slovak genealogy
      research and I showed her the Sheloske's I had found, she was curious
      about doing her Slovak genealogy. Coincidentally, and this is a
      bizarre coincidence, (mayhaps foreordained?) I got an email from a
      guy who said his mom's parents were part of the Slovak community in
      Lisbon Falls. His grandfather was an Andrew Sheloske (Sedlovszki)!!!
      I don't think the line is related to the Karkos lineage directly
      since I haven't found it so far in 9 years of searching except as an
      offshoot of doing my line. I get sidetracked and sometimes by
      searching another neighbor's lineage, you backdoor into your own
      lineage or it points you to another place to look for pieces of the
      puzzle. But it would be cool to find out somewhere down the line that
      we're cousins.

      WWII and the Germans weren't kind to Parno. My cousin went there and
      discovered that the Germans had taken all of the iron that was used
      in the cemetery for their war efforts and created a mass grave of the
      bodies that were buried there. He also said that he found a Bichrest
      living there (Bichrests are tied into the Karkos line early on), but
      she was very frightened of outsiders and did not answer his questions.

      I have never been over, but would like to go sometime if only to see
      where my ancestors lived.

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