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  • Frank R. Plichta
    No such software that I could find. I ve talked to several companies that make similar software for other languages and their response was; The use of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2002
      No such software that I could find. I've talked to several companies that
      make similar software for other languages and their response was; "The use
      of the language is not wide enough to make the project cost effective."
      Read that last part as "not enough profit."

      Most of the translation software on the market is little more than a
      word-for-word substitution which you can do with a dictionary. Even then
      the text needs to be simple declarative sentences. The real problem is the
      grammar and the way that most people write. If the English grammar is not
      correct the other language translation cannot expect to be correct either.
      I have used a rather high priced ($500 per copy) translation software for
      English to German and even that is not good enough for a native German
      language speaker. They found substantial shortcomings in the product. I
      could even see the German errors after two years of College German and 6
      years living in Germany. Going the other way from German to English left
      much to be desired for the native English language speaker.

      I think that suitable language translation software is still several years
      The only true solution is to learn the other language the best that you can.
      Sorry, there is no easy answer.

      Frank R. Plichta
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      I would appreciate receiving ANY information, about ANY Plichta, from ANY
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      Des anyone know of a software program that could be used to translate
      English into Slovakian and vice versa?


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