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Re: [S-R] Are these the same family?

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  • Konekta
    Dear Maura, Mazalik and Mahalik are not the same. Petrus is a male, Petruska is a female ( has the same function as Petrusova nowadays) Petruska can be written
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2002
      Dear Maura,
      Mazalik and Mahalik are not the same.
      Petrus is a male, Petruska is a female ( has the same function as Petrusova nowadays)
      Petruska can be written in several ways like Petrusska ( latin), Petruschka (german), Petruska (hungarian, if without diacritics)
      Malik is a separate surname and has nothing to do with the above.
      Interestingly, Mazalik and Mahalik do not appear neither in Bratislava nor in 051 telephone directory.
      In general I would like to say, that this is a very dangerous area for the researcher.
      It happens, when researching back in time, one runs out of obvious connections and is being tempted to use some similar surnames, just because they are there. Never do that unless absolutely sure.
      In order to more clearly identify the surname, it is very good to look for births of all siblings. There you can see, if the spelling / readability varies.But, always within your own family!
      A "final touch" to the whole story are then the death records of all. It takes much longer to find them, but they provide very important clues and, since they are written at some later date, there is a great chance to have it in better writing (for the same person) and correct spelling.
      If I find a surname, of which spelling I am not sure , I merely write it down and wait for next appearance.
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      Subject: [S-R] Are these the same family?

      In the research I am doing in Sabinov/Barjedov/Presov films for my
      Petrusska line, I am running into some other "people" which I need to
      check if it is the same line.... same with my Mazalik/Mahalik

      I know different priests spell things differently, and it depends on if
      the film is Latin or Hungarian, but are the surnames Petrusska,
      Petruschka, and Petruss the same ? I am pretty sure the Petrusska and
      Petruschka are, but Petruss could be an entirely different surname....

      And what about Mazalik (definitely a z) which was always spelled that
      way by my gr/gr/uncle who was the priest in Sabinov in all the records
      of the family he officiated at.... but earlier the name was in the
      records as Mahalik ??

      And is Malik (another surname found in Sabinov) another version of this?
      Just spelled wrong or differently (this is in the late 1700's early

      Hoping to clear up some confusion....


      Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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