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Re: Rebics in Slovakia

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  • frankly1us
    ... Henry Rebic ... license stated ... book, I found ... lives or ... There is no place name Smiki located in Hungary (either pre-WW I or current Hungary)
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2002
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., PRabich@a... wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I'm trying to trace my grandfather's roots in Slovakia. Joseph
      > aka Rabish, aka Rabich came to the US in 1888. His marriage
      > that he came from Smiki. When looking through the Slovak Phone
      book, I found
      > the following names and towns. Is there anyone on this list that
      lives or
      > knows anything about the following persons or towns?
      > Elena Rebicova, Vihorlatska, Bela nad Cirochou
      > Igor Rebic, Bela nad Cirochou
      > Jana Rebicova, Kochanovce
      > Jozef Rebic, Mlynska, Bela nad Cirochou
      > Michal Rebic, Starinska, Snina
      > Peter Rebic, Dlhe nad Cirochou
      > Peter Rebic, Gorkeho, Snina
      > Vincent Rebic, Vihorlatska, Bela nad Cirochou
      > Vladislav Rebic, Budovatelska, Bela nad Cirochou
      > Michal Rebic, Tatranska, Stara Lubovna
      > Ildiko Rebickova, Gudernova, Kosice
      > Irena Rebicova, Salezianov, Michalovce
      > Monika Rebicova, Komenskeho, Trebisov
      > Stefan Rebic, Chonkovce
      > Ing. Darina Rebicova, Muraniho, Nitra
      > MUDr. Maria Rebicova, Hornozoborska, Nitra
      > Thanks for any help.
      > Patricia Rabich aka Rebic(k) Benetis

      There is no place name 'Smiki' located in Hungary (either pre-WW I or
      current Hungary)
      Nor in Slovakia.

      Ellis Island Records (EIR) lists 118 surnames Rebic who had
      emigrated to the U.S (1892-1924)
      They were all from Croatia (former Yugoslavia)

      Your GF emigrated in 1888, which was early for Slovaks.
      He wouldn't have been listed in EIR.
      Ellis Island opened as an immigration center in 1892.
      Burned to the ground in June 1897 and reopened again in December 1900.

      From 1855 to 1890 emigrants came through Castle Garden (NYC) and its
      records were destroyed in 1897 when the first wooden Ellis Island
      immigration station had burned down.

      Slavic can be a branch of the Indo-European family of
      languages, usually divided into East Slavic, West Slavic,
      and South Slavic.

      East Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian)
      West Slavic (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Sorbian)
      South Slavic (Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bulgarian,
      Old Church Slavonic)

      Slovak is similar to Czech and the official language of Slovakia.

      Ako sa maté ? (How are you ?)
      Rozumiem. (I understand )

      Croatian is similar to Slovenian and the official language of
      Croatia, formerly part of Yugoslavia.

      Kako ste ? (How are you ?)
      Razumen. (I understand )

      The Cleveland, OH area had the largest concentration of Slovenes
      outside of the capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenija.

      Slovak, Croatian, and Slovenian languages use diacritic marks
      (accented letters)

      In Slovakia, Rebic is spelled Rebic^ (Rebich)
      In Croatia, Rebic is spelled Rebic' (Rebich)
      In Slovenia, Rebic is also spelled Rebic^ (Rebich)

      In former Yugoslavia, before the fall of Communism there were 80,000-
      100,000 Slovaks.

      Where was your GM from ?
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