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Re: [S-R] Marienthal, Saros & Silhavy

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  • Konekta
    Dear M. Frank R.Plichta, Please, write me directly to konekta@nm.psg.sk It seems, I have some Plichtas for you. Thanks, Vladimir ... From: Frank R. Plichta To:
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      Dear M. Frank R.Plichta,
      Please, write me directly to konekta@...
      It seems, I have some Plichtas for you.
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      From: Frank R. Plichta
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 2:55 AM
      Subject: RE: [S-R] Marienthal, Saros & Silhavy

      According to:

      Pripravil Encyklopedický Ústav Sav,
      Veda, Vydavatel'stvo Slovenskej Akadémie Vied
      1977/1978, Bratislava

      "Country Dictionary Now and Then on Slovakia"
      Prepared by: Encyclopedic Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science
      1977/1978, Bratislava

      Vol. 3, pages 171-172: The town of Továrne (Sk), was known by the name
      Towarné (Sk) and Tavarna (Mag.) since 1808. Továrne (Sk) was in Zupa
      Zemplínska; okres Varnov, kraj Presov until 1960; then okres Michalovce,
      after 1968 okres Vranov nad Toplou, kraj Východoslovenský. Included in the
      history section is a very brief mention of the family Hadik-Barkóczyovcov in
      the 17th century. Population in 1869 was 444 and never got over 600 until
      1961 when it was 652.

      Vol. 2, pages 230-231: The town of Marianka (Sk), beginning in 1472 was
      known by its current name and Máriavölgy (mag.) and Marienthal (D) and
      Wallis Mariana (lat.). Marianka (Sk) was located in Zupa Bratislavská;
      okres Bratislava-okolie, kraj Bratislava until 1960; then okres
      Bratislava-vidiek, kraj Západoslovenský. Population in 1869 was 732 and did
      not reach over 1K until 1940 when it was 1,024.

      Frank R. Plichta
      "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"
      "Ja hl'adanie na celom svete za PLICHTA."
      "Das die Welt fuer PLICHTA suchen."
      "Je cherche le monde pour la famille PLICHTA."
      "Buscando el mundo por los PLICHTA."
      "Quaerere summa reum familia PLICHTA."
      I would appreciate receiving ANY information, about ANY Plichta, from ANY
      place, at ANY time in history.

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      From: mpetzolt2@... [mailto:mpetzolt2@...]
      Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 19:27
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [S-R] Marienthal, Saros & Silhavy

      After giving this a break out of shear frustration, I am once again
      going to attempt to solve this "geographical problem".... and would
      appreciate any help/suggestions/etc. I'm at the point of being

      First of all, I should say that while "family stories" are notoriously
      wrong, I was lucky enough to get both my grandmother's and
      gr/grandmothers' prayer books which were written in as events happened,
      and so far to an item, name and/or date, -everything- has been
      proven.... including working on the estates of Count Bela Hadik
      throughout the old Austria-Hungary and on the Silhavy side (my mother's
      paternal) I have proved that the men were forest keepers on the estates
      now at least 4 generations back. Information on this family
      Jankovich/Silhavy can be found at
      http://community.webtv.net/mpetzolt/genealogy choose maternal slovak.

      OK, so here's the "problem"..... according to both prayer books and
      microfilmed registers from Palocz and Tovarne and Sabinov, these are the
      children of Matilda Jankovich and Leopold Silhavy.

      Matilda and Leopold were married in the private chapel on the estate of
      Count Bela Hadik in Tovarne, Zemplin on 25 July 1880.

      Children :

      1. Alador Andras born 19 May 1881 in Palocz, Ung

      2. Josef born 20 Jan 1884 in Palocz, Ung

      3. Anna Camilla born 20 Feb 1886 in Palocz, Ung

      4. Bela born 22 March 1888 in Palocz, Ung

      **5. Leopold born 6 Dec 1890 in "Marienthal, Saros" and died 5 Jan 1891
      in "Marienthal, Saros"

      **6. Mary Matilda born 19 July 1892 in "Marienthal, Saros".

      7. Irene Mary (my grandmother) born 6 July 1898 in Sabinov (then Kiz

      ** These are the problems! I've tried to find this location to find the
      birth and death records of these two children (baby Leopold and Mary who
      died in the flu epidemic in Bridgeport CT in 1918). I've had people who
      I believe to be experts (including some on this list) try and find it.
      Evidently this place doesn't exist.

      My theories are....

      1. It was a chapel (?) on a Hadik estate in Saros county?

      2. The name obviously has been changed to something else....

      The family had to live in whatever area this was from Dec 1890 to July
      1892 at least. I don't think they were just visiting if all these events
      happened there.

      Looking at an Auto Atlas of Slovak Republic, I see the following
      locations which I am 'guessing' could be....

      Sarisske Michalny - below Sabinov

      Maly Saris, just above Presov

      and many people had suggested a place called Marianka, but it's not in

      OK, I'm desperate... I'll order films since I know the dates I'm looking
      for..... but need suggestions from the listmembers who are good at
      locations as to what to order (they were Roman Catholic). This may sound
      crazy, but I feel that this needs to be done, especially for this baby
      -- where he is buried needs to be documented as he is there all
      alone.... all the other family are either buried in Sabinov or
      Bridgeport..... (I know that sounds nutty, but it's almost like I'm
      being called to find this place).
      Again, you can find more info on this family ( and my other research, on
      my personal genealogy page)

      I considered writing to the Slovak Embassy for help, but didn't think
      they'd know where this place was either. I have no idea even what
      archives I could write to.

      Any help, suggestions, appreciated.


      Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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