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Re: [S-R] Looking for Pavlyik/Pavlik

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  • Dr. Joe Q
    The name is most likely Pavli k (Pavlík) with an accent on the i . Your friend is correct, a y or even j is not found in the spelling of Pavlik. You are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2002
      The name is most likely Pavli'k (Pavlík) with an accent on the "i". Your friend is correct, a "y" or even "j" is not found in the spelling of Pavlik.

      You are probably correct about the spelling change, your ancestors pronounced the name "pahv leek" but it might have sounded like "leeyk" and the officials
      put a "Y" after the "L".

      Any records before 1920 will show their country as Austria or Hungary, from 1920 -1993 it would be recorded a Czechoslovakia, now it's either Czech Republic
      or Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

      Church funeral records may have the name of their town of origin, unfortunately Pavlik is a common name.

      Dr. "Q"

      Mebjwb@... wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I'm new to this group, and I am looking for some good advice. I am a novice
      > at this, so please excuse my obvious ignorance about researching for this
      > particular material.
      > I am trying to locate information about my maternal grandparents. Their name
      > was listed as Pavlyik or Pavlik. I have made a recent friend of a young lady
      > from The Czech Republic, and she tells me Pavlyik is grammatically incorrect,
      > in fact just wrong. My grandparents always used the spelling, "Pavlik",
      > however a corrected SS-5 record (OOAN-7003) changes the spelling to conform
      > to "citizenship" papers. Could this have been a spelling used by an
      > Immigration Officer? Both of my Grandparents were well-read and wrote
      > proficiently in their native language.
      > I cannot find them on the 1900, 1910, or 1920 Census for either PA or OHIO
      > (where they lived during those years). However the 1930 Census shows their
      > Country of Origin as Czechoslovakia.
      > I have very little information: an OOAN-7003 form showing Josef Pavlyik,
      > Father John, Mother Anna Yacub/Yacul. Place of birth: Austria-Hungary. No
      > other information. I never did receive the SS-5 form I originally requested.
      > My Grandmother's name was Theresa Oshowski/Ulsowski (received from my
      > Mother's baptism records. I see from the spelling that it is Polish,
      > although she always told me they were both Slovak. I was 10 years old when
      > Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Both my Grandparents were visibly upset, and
      > said this was their original Homeland. I have checked the District Courts
      > in Allegheny County, PA, and the Federal Records in Philadelphia, Maryland
      > and Chicago. No "Citizenship" papers.
      > I have checked the passengers' arrival list at the local National Archives
      > for Ellis Island for the period from 1896-1900. There are many Joseph
      > Pavliks. How to tell which one? No Theresa.
      > Will someone please advise me if there is any real hope of finding anything
      > with so little information to go on? What are the Ellis Island records your
      > members keep referring to? Can anyone point me in the right direction, or
      > suggest a good starting point?
      > Any answers to my above questions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
      > Marge Bonifield
      > Mebjwb@...
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