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  • squinch42
    Hi Joan, I will give Orosz Ruske a try but I am skeptical of finding anything. The LDS site indicates its Ruszka film (#1793643) only covers the 1825-1879
    Message 1 of 18 , Aug 28, 2002
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      Hi Joan,

      I will give Orosz Ruske a try but I am skeptical of finding anything.
      The LDS site indicates its "Ruszka" film (#1793643) only covers the
      1825-1879 period in depth with a later year or two tossed in - but
      not 1889. Oh well, it's worth a try. I will post using "Hrib" when I
      finish this search. Meanwhile, here are some of the results of my
      initial pass through the Ulics films. I thought you might want to add
      some of this to your inventory of HRIB facts if they are of help. I
      suspect many of the notations are in Hungarian, as I don't recognize
      the indicated causes of death. When digging through the Orlov
      records, most were in Latin with only an occasional Hungarian lapse.
      Luckily, there was also another film that replicated those records in

      I guess I'll have to obtain a Latin-Hungarian dictionary to proceed.

      30 Jul 1888 Hrib. Gyorgy – 50 years
      15 Aug 1888 Hrib, Vascily – 29 years
      10 Jan 1888 Hrib, Maria – 6-1/2 years (daughter of Gyorgy Hrib
      31 May 1887 Hrib, Basil – 23 years
      6 Dec 1887 Hrib, Basil – 7 hetes(?) (I'm guessing it's months and not
      29 Nov 1886 Hrib, Mihaly - 16 years
      4 Feb 1886 Hrib, Janko – 25 years

      2 Mar 1888 Hrib, Gyorgy Father-Gyorgy Hrib; Mother-Maria Sztojpko(?)
      (poor writing)

      Unfortunately, I didn't take too many notes once I didn't find the
      right mother to any of the Gyorgy babies born between 1879 and the
      end of the film. Now, I will look at Orosz Ruske, but with a tad more
      attention to detail and, prehaps, review Ulics again.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "Joan Hendershot" <jhender3@r...> wrote:
      > Hi Squinch:
      > I have a Gyorgy Hrib born 12 Jan 1837 in Ulic. He has a brother
      Mihaly born
      > in Sept 1840. The father was Fedor and the mother Anna Kelemecza.
      > children were as follows:
      > Basilius, 14 Mar 1831
      > Janos, 10 Jan 1835, married Helena Hasa
      > Furko, 1836
      > Gyorgy, 12 Jan 1837
      > Mihaly, Sep 1840
      > Ilona, 26 Feb 1843
      > Peter, 20 Jan 1847
      > My Hrib connection came from Orosz Ruske. They also listed Ruski
      on records
      > that I found. You might try checking that film. Mine also were
      > Catholic and the film is of GC parish records.
      > Joan
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