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Re: [S-R] How do I find out where Paloncza, Hungary was in 1910?

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  • Dr. Joe Q
    ... Plavnica ia 6 km southeast of Stara L ubovn^a, 36 km west of Bardejov, and 10 km south of the Polish border. ... Cute - no?? The same thing happened
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2002
      "John M." wrote:

      > At 12:55 AM 8/5/02 +0000, you wrote:
      > >I did a cursory search of the Ellis Island records online and found
      > >that a person who could be my grandmother, Zusannna, or Zuzanna,
      > >Lincsa, entered Ellis Island twice; in 1909 & 1910.
      > >
      > > Her residence is listed as Paloncza, Hungary, both times. Her
      > >sister, Anna Lincsa, is listed to have come from Plavnica,(Slovakia
      > >is not mentioned),
      > Plavnica, in what is northeast Slovakia now, was known as Palonca from
      > 1907-1913. Slovakia did not exist until after WWI. Prior to that, the
      > area was known as Upper Hungary and was part of Hungary for about 800 years.

      Plavnica ia 6 km southeast of Stara' L'ubovn^a, 36 km west of Bardejov, and 10
      km south of the Polish border.

      > >as did Zusanna's future second husband, Stefan Pruzinsky. I always assumed
      > >that my grandmother was also from Plavnica. However, she used to tell us
      > >that she had attended school in Budapest, so she may have not stayed in
      > >Plavnica.
      > Budapest is quite some distance from Plavnica (about 120 air miles). The
      > manifest shows that her contact in Hungary was her father Andras who lived
      > in Paloncza, Saros (county) Hungary. If her family, lived in Budapest for a
      > time she might have attended school there. Otherwise, it might have been
      > more likely she attended a school in Plavnica where students were required
      > to be taught in Hungarian in an effort to Magyarize the population. Was
      > the family Roman or Greek Catholic? My B-I-L's father is from Plavnica.
      > Also, if my grandmother is listed as coming through Ellis Island twice in a
      > year's time, could she have been sent back the first time?
      > The 1909 Zuzana is shown going to her brother-in-law's in Johnsonburg(?),
      > Pa. There doesn't appear to be any indication of deportation. The 1910
      > Zuzana's original manifest is missing and would require a search
      > using http://home.pacbell.net/spmorse/ellis/ellis.html to find the
      > manifest for the SS President Grant to ascertain that the two Zuzana Lincsa
      > are the same. The EIDB lists it arriving 4/21/1910 but the Cimoreli site
      > http://www.cimorelli.com/ shows it arriving on 4/20/1910. I know that in
      > the case of one of my grandmothers, another child with the same name was
      > born in the same week of December but to two different father's with the
      > same surname.

      "Cute" - no??

      The same thing happened with my family, the brothers Matthew (1) and Michael (2)
      Karkniak both had daughters born in January 1790 and both named them Susanna - -
      - (1) 23 Jan 1790 and (2) 14 Jan 1790. One of the "Susanna" children died 18
      October 1792, the other is a grandparent but which one, I cannot determine.

      > John

      Dr. "Q"
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