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  • BobHORGOS@aol.com
    In a message dated 8/2/02 7:40:04 PM, halfslovak@yahoo.com writes:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2002
      In a message dated 8/2/02 7:40:04 PM, halfslovak@... writes:

      Who left the door open?
      tjkrsjfae554 wrote:http://skktry.8m.net/index.html


      There is literally nothing that can be done to stop e-mail messages of this
      type. The only thing that
      can be done is to delete the message if the receiver cannot identify either
      the sender or the subject
      matter. When I received this message, I knew that it had to be a phony since
      there was no hint
      of a S-R connection. The only other thing to do is to "FORWARD" this type
      of message to:

      abuse@... (or: abuse@...; abuse@... and so on.)

      I have sent a few messages to abuse@... and they always reply back to
      me. If Yahoo can locate
      the sender as a Yahoo customer, Yahoo will suspend their service account.
      Unfortunately, there
      are times that they tell me that the sender was not "ACTUALLY" a Yahoo.com
      customer. The Spammers
      know how to disguise their address so they cannot be traces to their e-mail
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