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  • Maureen
    Maura, Here we go again... If she was able to see the deported notation -- whether she was viewing the film at the FHC or online -- she was viewing the
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      Here we go again...

      If she was able to see the "deported" notation -- whether she was viewing the film at the FHC or online -- she was viewing the actual microfilm image, NOT a transcription. The passenger list transcriptions I have viewed at the Ellis Island site do not include such notations.

      Furthermore, she need not necessarily limit herself to the restricted hours of the FHC library. If the original manifest is viewable on the EIDB, then she can use the Steve Morse site ( http://home.pacbell.net/spmorse/ellis/ellis.html ) to search through all the pages of the manifest or the entire film roll, page by page, to find the actual image (again, NOT a TRANSCRIPTION) of the page you described. I have done this for one of my immigrants who was "detained" for a period of two weeks. (To do this from Morse's "Missing Manifest" page, plug in the ship's arrival date, which will set the roll, then enter the frame number of the EIDB manifest image. Then, you can scan the images forwards or backwards [just as you might do on the microfilm viewer at the library] to find the page that reports the information you are seeking about the deportation.)

      I am not replying here to antagonize you, Maura -- I know that, for whatever reason, you do not agree that a microfilm image is a microfilm image, whether viewed online or at the library. But, many people on this list have helped me in the past and I am simply attempting to add what help I can to the others who may find it useful.

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      I bet you "found" that online...... if you look at the actual microfilms
      there are pages at the end of each ship manifest which lists why those
      who were detained were detained, who was let in and who was deported and
      usually why (sickness, illness, no one to support them, unable to
      support themselves are the usual reasons I have seen)

      To find the actual microfilm and order it via your FHC, see the section
      on NY arrivals on my Helpful Hints page

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