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[Admin] PLEASE read about SR list

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  • mpetzolt2@webtv.net
    All SR listmembers are asked to read this carefully...... First of all, I have -nothing- to do with how the yahoogroups site is run. Yes, things were much
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
      All SR listmembers are asked to read this carefully......

      First of all, I have -nothing- to do with how the yahoogroups site is
      run. Yes, things were much easier for everyone when we started this list
      under egroups, but I can't do anything about that.

      Yes, they seem to be making things difficult at times for people with
      changing passwords etc. I have -nothing- to do with that, and no control
      over it. (A lot of it seems to stem from when they changed over from
      egroups to yahoogroups, and everyone had to reregister and a lot of you
      forgot your new passwords).

      The problem a lot of you are experiencing is because you are not going
      to the groups yahoogroups page and actually -seeing- what you are
      subscribed as. I have helped people recently who were subbed twice,
      were subbed at slightly different addresses (thanks to their isps who
      changed it from one thing to another). If you send in an unsubscribe
      command and it does not -exactly- match, it won't work.
      If you find your name there, and click on the appropriate boxes to leave
      the list, you should not have a problem. If you have a problem with your
      password, you need to get them to email you your password again.

      I send messages about how to unsubscribe it seems every week, it is on
      our homepage, it is on the yahoogroups page... yet people -continue- to
      think sending a message to the list is going to do it. Well, it's not.
      Everyone on this list is capable of reading directions.

      If you are having problems with yahoogroups, the first thing you should
      do is check to see how you are subscribed. If you have problems doing
      that, you need to write to yahoogroups at whatever email it is to get
      help from them, and ask them. Telling the list about your problems
      doesn't do any good, it only aggravates people who then write to me and
      say "why can't these people stop sending these messages".

      And frankly, it is not fair to -me- to continue to do this (unless you
      are really, really having a problem, and then you should write to me
      personally).... because somehow people think I can magically fix the
      situation. Frankly this is why I had very little to do with the list all
      last year and was in fact thinking of deleting the list, because this
      was constantly going on. I run 3 Irish lists, and none have these
      problems. Yes, yahoogroups can be a pain to work with, but the burden is
      on YOU to try and fix it first before you bother the list with
      unsubscribe commands that do nothing, or think I"m going to step in and
      fix it for you.

      If you think I'm venting a bit, I am, because this is a constant
      problem and I'm tired of it. I really don't mean to hurt anyone's
      feelings, but frankly if you can figure out how to join this list, you
      should be able to read the directions and figure out how to unsubscribe
      correctly (-unless- you have some wierd thing happen, and that does
      happen occasionally and I do help those people if I can).

      If you have problems signing in to yahoogroups, complain to -them-, not
      If you have a problem with your password, ask them about it, not me.

      And if you -really- have a strange problem, I have never not helped
      anyone who wrote and asked me personally (usually after they have tried
      everything else).

      This is not to be discussed further on the list. If you have any
      comments, write me personally.

      Listowner Slovak Roots

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