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Re: Researching Schvehla in Rohznik

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  • frankly1us
    ... June ... as ... raised ... born ... Near what is now the current border of Slovakia and Czech Republic, three languages were used Hungarian, Slovak, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2002
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "jjzima" <jjzima@y...> wrote:
      > I am looking for information on my g grandmother Leopoldina Schvehla
      > who married my g grandfather Jan Sidlik in Rarbach (Rohoznik) on
      > 16, 1889. Leopoldina supposedly came to Rohoznik as a governess,
      > year unknown. Leopoldina was born August 27, 1861 in an orphage in
      > Vienna. Her mother's name was Antonie Schvehla, father's name
      > unknown. I do not know if Leopoldina's birth was legitimate or
      > illegitimate.
      > A note on the marriage record of Jan and Leopoldina indicates that
      > a child she was given to Lucas Hassa (farmer in Rohoznik) to be
      > and educated.
      > Jan and Leopoldina had 7 children including my grandfather Pavel,
      > in 1891. Any help including contact with anyone researching the
      > Schvehla surname would be greatly appreciated.

      Near what is now the current border of Slovakia and Czech Republic,
      three languages were used Hungarian, Slovak, and German.
      For example, Bratislava (Sk), Pozsony (H) Pressburg (G)

      There are 2 Rohoz^ník located in Slovakia.
      Rohoz^ník(Sk) Nádasfo" (H) Rohrbach (G) is located 22 miles
      north of Bratislava.
      Its R.C. parish church records (1665-1895) are listed under
      But, The LDS-Mormons have not filmed the records at the main
      Archives as yet.
      You can write the Main Archives (Archív hlavného mesta
      to research your surname records.
      Their narrative research report will be written in Slovak, not
      If you don't know Slovak you would need to get their research report
      There are three different rates.

      And another Rohoz^ník is located 222 miles ENE of Bratislava in

      The letter Sch is pron. Sh in German.
      The Slovak diacritic letter S^ is also pron. Sh.

      The female version of male given name Leopold is Leopoldina (Sk) (H)
      After 140 years I know of of no way you can locate her birth records
      unknown orphanage in Wien, Austria.
      Antonie is German version of female given name Antoinette (E)

      The Austrian telephone directory list a single surname, Friederike
      Schvehla under Wien.
      This may have been the original surname spelling ?

      S^idlík (Shidlik) is a Slovak surname.
      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 16 surnames under Bratislava.
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