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RE: [S-R] items on films... opinions needed

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  • Armata, Joseph R. (JArmata)
    exc or excepit indicate an excerpt was made on those dates. Joe ... From: mpetzolt2@webtv.net [mailto:mpetzolt2@webtv.net] Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 5:23 PM
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      exc or excepit indicate an excerpt was made on those dates.


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      Subject: [S-R] items on films... opinions needed

      I am now working with RCatholic records from Barjedov and Presov in the
      late 1700/early 1800 time frame. I have a few questions I hope someone
      can help with......

      1. I am looking for the birth of Maria Vindegg c. 1814. I did not know
      her parents names etc. I found two entries, either of which could be her
      (I will order the death film and see if one of these children died
      young), but both have notations that I had not seen on the other films I

      Here are the entries

      18 Mar 1814
      Josephina Marai
      parents. Joanas Vindek (Luca written inbetween his first and last name
      above it)
      and Dorothea Knoll. Patrini (sponsors Joan. Kitsnsely (?) and Clara
      Hulinger. Cond. Nobilis

      Then below her name is written

      94 J VII/25

      * there is no cross to indicate this is a death date


      14 Mar 1816
      Aloysia Maria
      parents Joana (Lucada_ written above his name) Vindek, and Dorothea
      Knoll. Same sponsors, Cond. Nobilis

      Then again in the square of the child's name is written

      Exc. 1939 I(Roman numeral 1)/i.
      under that is 1940 I(Roman numeral 1)/26

      She couldn't have died twice, are these the death dates for parents? I
      doubt it as they would have lived too long.....

      I also see in the Presov records notations below in the box of the
      child's name something like this one..

      for 10 Feb 1839 birth of Ferdinand Valentinus Stephanus son of Joa.
      Richnovsky and Rosalia Ringer, it is noted excepit. 1871 25/10

      What does exc. or excepit mean? I take it those are death dates, but
      what about when two dates are written as above for the 2nd Maria?

      Thanks in advance,


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