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SK Maps was Re: [S-R] Village Location

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  • John M.
    An excellent map resource for Slovakia is the Podrobny Auto Atlas, Slovenska Republika . http://www.omnimap.com/catalog/int/65-9588.htm : Slovakia--Autoatlas
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 11 9:08 PM
      An excellent map resource for Slovakia is the"Podrobny Auto Atlas,
      Slovenska Republika".

      http://www.omnimap.com/catalog/int/65-9588.htm :
      "Slovakia--Autoatlas of the Slovenska Republika (Podrobny Auto Atlas
      Slovensk√° Republika). 1:100,000. Vokensky Kartograficky Ustav. An excellent
      spiral-bound road atlas produced from the military mapping of the country.
      The maps are shaded relief maps with road and tourist information,
      distances between intersections, and more. A multilingual legend and
      detailed index is included. In Slovak. Size is 12-3/;4 x 9-1/2". ISBN



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