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Re: [S-R] Survey - please read

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  • ljoh734607@aol.com
    Hi Maura: I like the 1 suggestion Keep up the good work Les
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 12, 2002
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      Hi Maura:
      I like the 1 suggestion
      Keep up the good work
    • jean schmidt
      Hi Maura, I love your ideas. I d like to add a suggestion for you to think about. The roll calls are wonderful, but I would sincerely like to see the area
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 12, 2002
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        Hi Maura, I love your ideas. I'd like to add a suggestion
        for you to think about. The roll calls are wonderful, but I
        would sincerely like to see the area in which the immigrants
        settled in this country. I often see surnames that I
        recognize, but don't know if they settled in Ohio or PA,
        etc, so I don't know if they are relative to my search or
        not. No pun intended!

        Best wishes,

        jean schmidt

        mpetzolt2@... wrote:
        > I am reworking our Slovak Roots page (not ready for viewing yet), and I
        > need to get -your- opinions on how to best list the surnames and places
        > we are all researching. My goal is to make this page a real valuable
        > research tool, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I am not trying
        > to compete with any other pages existing (personally I think the more
        > that is out there the better), but I do want to have a place to list
        > surname interests , and maybe in our case, location interests.....
        > because this is one great way to connect with others who are also
        > researching that name or location.
        > So my question is.. because of the nature of the special problems
        > associated with researching the changing borders etc in this area....
        > and also that many of us have many surnames in different areas... please
        > read the ideas below, and then if you have an opinion, either send it
        > to me privately, or you can send it to the list if you wish (but let's
        > not debate it on the list)
        > 1. We could list by just surnames as on the following surname pages on
        > my other sites (see the sections on surname interests on
        > http://community.webtv.net/shamrockroots/corkigw
        > http://community.webtv.net/shamrockroots/kingsny ) The problem with that
        > is a) people will have lots of listings so they will have to follow the
        > directions on how to submit (which I would make the same as those pages
        > as I can just cut and paste) b) you can see from those pages already
        > that the listings are long as those are two large counties. Ours would
        > be much longer and I would probably have to divide it up into several
        > pages. Persons would be limited to about 3 lines as on those pages.
        > 1a. We could just limit it to
        > SURNAME, location yourname youremail and then someone would have to
        > contact you for details. Sort of like Helene does her book. This would
        > be good because it's in alphabetical order, easy for researchers.
        > 2. I could do something like they do on the Czeching out our Ancestors
        > and Searching in Slovakia pages of iarelative.com -- where you get a
        > paragraph or so to describe the whole shabang ---- I love those pages
        > but have found them hard to search as there are several pages etc. A
        > paragraph would be easier for me in a way to cut and paste , and again
        > we'd probably end up with several pages. I might try and add a search
        > engine to the site (tried that once with my Waterford page and it didn't
        > work, but I could try it again, things are different with webtv,
        > sometimes what works for everyone else won't work for me )
        > 4. I'd also like to have a page about what locations we are searching.
        > So often on the list people say "I have those films" and we help each
        > other, or maybe you have info on other families..... this would have to
        > be just listed as location, maybe what religion , and your name , your
        > email. Again, people could contact you if the wanted more info. The
        > problem here of course is names changed... as did boundaries, so we'd
        > have to decide how to do those (I may defer to Frank's opinion on that
        > part)
        > Please think carefully about this, and either send your opinion
        > privately , or to the list if you want to share it with everyone. I'm
        > working on the pages now, so please do so by this weekend.
        > Any other suggestions for the website are welcomed, tho I can't promise
        > everything :)
        > Thanks,
        > Maura
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        > Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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