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  • Gilbert Kubancsek
    Thanks Maura for the opportunity to comment on your plan. I suggest for the Surname List a listing of the surname, location name & an email address to contact.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 12, 2002
      Thanks Maura for the opportunity to comment on your plan.
      I suggest for the Surname List a listing of the surname, location name & an email address to contact. The list would be sorted in alpha order.
      The Location List could contain the current location name, any previous names available and a email address for contact.
      Gil Kubancsek

      mpetzolt2@... wrote: I am reworking our Slovak Roots page (not ready for viewing yet), and I
      need to get -your- opinions on how to best list the surnames and places
      we are all researching. My goal is to make this page a real valuable
      research tool, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I am not trying
      to compete with any other pages existing (personally I think the more
      that is out there the better), but I do want to have a place to list
      surname interests , and maybe in our case, location interests.....
      because this is one great way to connect with others who are also
      researching that name or location.

      So my question is.. because of the nature of the special problems
      associated with researching the changing borders etc in this area....
      and also that many of us have many surnames in different areas... please
      read the ideas below, and then if you have an opinion, either send it
      to me privately, or you can send it to the list if you wish (but let's
      not debate it on the list)

      1. We could list by just surnames as on the following surname pages on
      my other sites (see the sections on surname interests on
      http://community.webtv.net/shamrockroots/kingsny ) The problem with that
      is a) people will have lots of listings so they will have to follow the
      directions on how to submit (which I would make the same as those pages
      as I can just cut and paste) b) you can see from those pages already
      that the listings are long as those are two large counties. Ours would
      be much longer and I would probably have to divide it up into several
      pages. Persons would be limited to about 3 lines as on those pages.

      1a. We could just limit it to
      SURNAME, location yourname youremail and then someone would have to
      contact you for details. Sort of like Helene does her book. This would
      be good because it's in alphabetical order, easy for researchers.

      2. I could do something like they do on the Czeching out our Ancestors
      and Searching in Slovakia pages of iarelative.com -- where you get a
      paragraph or so to describe the whole shabang ---- I love those pages
      but have found them hard to search as there are several pages etc. A
      paragraph would be easier for me in a way to cut and paste , and again
      we'd probably end up with several pages. I might try and add a search
      engine to the site (tried that once with my Waterford page and it didn't
      work, but I could try it again, things are different with webtv,
      sometimes what works for everyone else won't work for me )

      4. I'd also like to have a page about what locations we are searching.
      So often on the list people say "I have those films" and we help each
      other, or maybe you have info on other families..... this would have to
      be just listed as location, maybe what religion , and your name , your
      email. Again, people could contact you if the wanted more info. The
      problem here of course is names changed... as did boundaries, so we'd
      have to decide how to do those (I may defer to Frank's opinion on that

      Please think carefully about this, and either send your opinion
      privately , or to the list if you want to share it with everyone. I'm
      working on the pages now, so please do so by this weekend.

      Any other suggestions for the website are welcomed, tho I can't promise
      everything :)


      Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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