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Surname and Location Listings to Aid Research

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  • Frank R. Plichta
    Maura, I have struggled with the location names because our area of interest has changed hands so many times throughout history that the place names changed.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2002

      I have struggled with the location names because our area of interest has
      changed hands so many times throughout history that the place names changed.
      Different individuals will know the same location by different location
      names depending when their ancestors came to America.

      In my own research, I have decided to use the place name that was in general
      use at the time that the event I am recording happened. For example,
      someone was born when one name was used, married when it was called
      something else and die when it had another name without ever leaving the
      village, i.e., Belá, Kingdom of Hungary; Belá, Czecho-Slovakia; Kosická
      Belá, Czechoslovakia, and Kosická Belá, Slovakia.

      * * * * * * * * * *

      For a LOCATION list I recommend a list with the current location name first,
      followed by the previous names used and the dates that each alternate name
      was first used, i.e.,
      1. Kosická Belá (Sk), Kassabela (Mad'), Kaschau (D): Kosická Belá
      (1920), Bela (1650), Zentve'rke'pe (1630), Hansdorff (1580), Szentuerkepe
      (1553), Zenthwerfalwa (1505), Janusffalwa, al. n. Zenthwer (1440), villa
      Johannis (1379) and flumen Bela (1297). plichta@...
      2. Dlhé nad' Cirochou (Sk), Czirpkahosszu'mezo: (Mad'): Dlhé nad
      Cirochou (1927), Cyrocke' Dlhé (1808), Cziroky Dluchy (1773), Huzywmezew
      (1342). plichta@... <mailto:plichta@...>

      Of course it would not make very much sense to list old names used beyond
      the year 1600 or 1500. Anyone tracing their line directly beyond those
      dates, needs to go to the head of the class and help the rest of us
      struggling with the early 1700's. It would take some time to compile the
      place name lists but the research benefits would be substantial to everyone
      researching in Slovakia.

      * * * * * * * * * *

      For a SURNAME list I recommend a list with the Surname, the location's
      current name and the email address:
      1. Plichta, Dolny Kubin, j.e.bartos@...
      <mailto:j.e.bartos@...> (I hope I got that right from your
      2. Plichta, Kosická Bela, plichta@...
      3. Plichtova, Kosická Bela, plichta@...
      4. Plihta, Kosická Bela, plichta@... <mailto:plichta@...>

      5. Plihtova, Kosická Bela, plichta@...
      6. Tomas, Dlhé nad' Cirochou, plichta@...
      7. Tomasova, Dlhé nad' Cirochou, plichta@...
      8. Tomass, Dlhé nad' Cirochou, plichta@...
      9. Tomassova, Dlhé nad' Cirochou, plichta@...

      We might have multiple listings for the surname since it would show up with
      each place name and researcher's email address. But I think that would be a
      good thing because if it were sorted by surname, and I saw someone else was
      searching the same surname in a different location, then I would look in
      that alternate location also.

      * * * * * * * * * *
      I hope this helps. It works for me.

      Frank R. Plichta
      "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"
      "Ja hl'adanie na celom svete za PLICHTA."
      "Das die Welt fuer PLICHTA suchen."
      "Je cherche le monde pour la famille PLICHTA."
      "Buscando el mundo por los PLICHTA."
      "Quaerere summa reum familia PLICHTA."
      I would appreciate receiving ANY information, about ANY Plichta, from ANY
      place, at ANY time in history.

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