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Re: [S-R] re- Novohrad County

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  • John M.
    ... Horne (upper) Strhare is in the Vel ky (large) Krtis^ okres (county) and the Banskobystricky Kraj (region). I believe the Evangelical (Lutheran) church
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 4, 2002
      At 09:26 PM 6/4/02 +0000, you wrote:
      >Hi John,
      >Sorry I mispelled Horne Strhare. The information you have given me is
      >a treasure trove. It will certainly help in locating the birth
      >records of my Grandparents. Up til now I had now idea where to look
      >and all LDS searches for Horne Strhare Slovakia netted me nothing.I
      >always knew that they were near the Hungarian border, I just never
      >considered the fact that it was actually part of Hungary when they
      >were born. Maybe now I can get somewhere. Thanks a million.

      Horne (upper) Strhare is in the Vel'ky' (large) Krtis^ okres (county) and
      the Banskobystricky' Kraj (region). I believe the Evangelical (Lutheran)
      church records are in Dolne Strhare parish office and Roman Catholic church
      records are with the Modry Kamen parish office. Unfortunately, a search of
      the family History Library online catalog did not show any listings for
      Dolne Strhare and Modry Kamen or Velky Krtis. Although I thought the LDS
      had microfilmed and made available the parish records for this area there
      is a possibility the parish records for this area have not been microfilmed
      yet, or have not been released yet. In that case, you might have to work
      through the Slovak archives in Banska Bystrica or Bratislava to get

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