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Re: [S-R] coat

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  • Sheila Dankovic
    pleas stop sending me this I don t know what i did to get it started but please tell me what to do to stop. Sdankovic ...
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2002
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      pleas stop sending me this I don't know what i did to
      get it started but please tell me what to do to stop.


      --- Sharon Pletz <ejay@...> wrote:
      > Hi Stan, not to worry, I have others. I have my
      > young ones fed watered
      > and tucked in for the night. It got rather quiet
      > all of a sudden : ) I
      > love what I do and it is very rewarding. If I am
      > able to help a few, I
      > feel that I have given something back for all the
      > good I have received.
      > I like your attitude and hope I did not push you
      > away with all of my
      > chit chat. I do talk to much when I am nervous and
      > it is worse when I am
      > tired, I am rather short on sleep for the past 2
      > days. Never slept well
      > at the lake and as you know last night was late and
      > I was up early this
      > morning. I liked the way you compare a relationship
      > with a garden. Few
      > people relate to that. I am also glad you still have
      > respect for your
      > ex. you seem to have a very healthy attitude and
      > that is really hard to
      > find in either party of a break up. I have always
      > said it did not pay
      > to hold a grudge as it affects your future as well
      > as the future of your
      > children. As a result I have a very close relation
      > ship with both of my
      > girls.
      > You are an easy person to talk to, I talked of
      > things with you I haven't
      > thought about in years. I am sorry though that I
      > did not find out more
      > about you and your interests, I am confused as to
      > how Chitik and
      > Spiritwood fit together.
      > I know you like butter tarts, but never found out
      > about other foods you
      > like. I think I told you I love to cook, but you
      > can not live on butter
      > tarts : ) Being English suggests roast beef and
      > yorkshire pudding which
      > is one of my favorites.
      > Your little antique place was a delight and you are
      > right about wanting
      > to go back and spend more time there.
      > How large a class do you teach? I am still trying
      > to remember where I
      > have seen you before.
      > Well I think that I have a date with the sandman and
      > I do not want to
      > miss it. Good night.
      > Sharon

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