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Re: [S-R] Village/town/city information in Slovakia ** FREE Offer **

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  • Bernardine Weigand
    Frank, what is your e-mail address? Bernardine bweigand@iopener.net
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2002
      Frank, what is your e-mail address?

      Frank R. Plichta wrote:
      > I am new to the SLOVAK-ROOTS list and would like to offer some free
      > information to anyone interested in village/town/city information in
      > Slovakia.
      > Several years ago I came across the 3 volume set of books Vlastivedn�
      > Slovn�k Obc� na Slovensku �Country Dictionary Now and Then on Slovakia�,
      > Prepared by: Encyclopedic Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science, 1977,
      > Bratislava.
      > The text contains information about all villages, towns and cities in
      > Slovakia. Included in each entry is information about the old names of
      > villages and settlements as well as those names frequently used in other
      > languages. The effective dates of name changes are listed. Information
      > about County/District/Region names are shown. Census data for eleven
      > periods between 1869 and 1970 are listed. Additional information about he
      > natural environment, history, culture, sports and literature are also
      > included for most locations.
      > The text is in Slovak. While I cannot provide translation of the
      > information, I do have a description of the type of information included in
      > each section. Most of the statistical information is understandable without
      > translation. With the large Slovak population in Pittsburgh you should not
      > have any difficulty finding someone to help with the translation.
      > I am willing to provide a FREE photocopy of the village/town/city of your
      > interest, in exchange for your self-addressed stamped envelope.
      > Please respond privately and inquire about your location of interest. I
      > will reply with a description of the information and if you decide you want
      > the entire article, you can then send me your #10 SASE. I will include my
      > description pages at no extra charge. Larger cities have as much as 10 to
      > 12 pages of information and your SASE might require additional postage. I
      > can estimate that for you once we find you village information.
      > Please use a Subject line as follows: Slovak location information for (name
      > of village). You need to be as accurate as possible with the location
      > spelling since there are multiple locations with very similar names.
      > Frank R. Plichta
      > "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"
      > I would appreciate receiving ANY information about ANY PLICHTA at ANY place
      > and at ANY time in history.
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    • David J Hanich
      Hello Frank, I am happy to hear of your offering to look up info. My grandparents were from two different villages, having met after immigrating to the US, so
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 8, 2002
        Hello Frank,
        I am happy to hear of your offering to look up info. My grandparents
        were from two different villages, having met after immigrating to the US,
        so this is actually a double request. Further complicating things,
        (Sorry!) my grandfather's village, Vulsinki, or Vul'shynky, Ung/Uzh
        county, became annexed to the Soviet Union after 1945, and now is called
        Vilsinki, Ukraine. I don't know if it would be in your book or not. I
        certainly hope it is.
        My grandmother's village is still in Slovakia. It is Hanigovce, Saris,
        in the Presov region. I hope these complications don't dampen your
        enthusiasm! You are providing all of us a service we couldn't get any
        other way. Let me know whatever it costs for reimbursing your wonderful
        Many thanks,

        --David Hanich
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